2002 Formula One season

2002 Formula One season

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The 2002 Formula One season was the 53rd FIA Formula One World Championship season. It commenced on March 3, 2002, and ended on October 13 after seventeen races. It appeared to be nothing more than a battle for second or third place in the driver's standings for those competing because Michael Schumacher finished first or second in every race except for the Malaysian Grand Prix, where he finished third. He won 11 Grands Prix, winning the title by a record-67 points, and his own previous record for the previous season. This record would did not stand for long, as it was beaten again by Schumacher in 2004. He would also set the record for shortest time in which the World Drivers Championship had been clinched, securing the title with a win at the French Grand Prix, with 6 races to go in the season. Schumacher finished on the podium in every race.

Drivers and constructors

The following teams and drivers competed in the 2002 FIA Formula One World Championship.



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