Maruhage Empire villains

Maruhage Empire villains

This is a list of the general villains of the current Maruhage Empire from the anime/manga series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. This list mainly consist of Hair Hunters, along with block leaders and assassins.


The main antagonist group of the series come in four respective versions: the Former Maruhage Empire, Current Maruhage Empire, Reverse Maruhage Empire And Neo Maruhage Empire, though the current was controlled by the Hair Kingdom's Bibibi. With the exception of the Maruhage Four Heavenly Kings and Cyber City; the empire is organized in alphabetical order with a few exceptional bases including Wiggin, Robo and River Blocks. As it is naturally expected, A is organized as the strongest and Z is supposedly the weakest. The strongest are seven membered group of Elite Hair Hunters including Babylon user Softon, Wobble-Wobble user Jelly Jiggler, wind master Geha and Fist-absorber Katsu. There is also several assassins of minor or great skill that eliminate those who are a threat. Finally the Empire is led by the current (and very weak) Czar Baldy-Bald and a few high commanders like Telu. There are few exceptions that are neither with the original 26 blocks that are usually weaker then the rest.(dub:name Chrome Dome Empire)


Tsuru Tsurulina the IV/Czar Baldy Bald

Tsuru Tsurulina the IV / Czar Baldy Bald/Smoothie the 4th (viz manga)(ツル・ツルリーナ4世) - The leader of the "Chrome Dome Empire" (マルハゲ帝国 "Maruhage Empire", lit. baldshaven empire, though the anime changes this from the "Margarita Empire" similar to the drink Margarita). His Japanese name is a Japanese onomatopoeia for something slippery. The Fourth seems easily in control of his empire at the start of the series, but he slowly loses his authority as Bo-bobo and his allies take out his forces, from the Hair Hunters to his "Four Heavenly Kings" to even his prison island of Cyber City. Eventually, he further lost his grip as he was forced by Hair Hunters cryogenically frozen one-hundred years ago to release their leaders to take over this new era. As much as he hated doing this, the Fourth eventually decided this as the only way to keep his hold on power and defeat Bo-bobo. But when even this fell, the Fourth decided to enact his greatest plan: the "New Emperor Playoff", where all of the most powerful warriors of the empire were gathered together in a battle to determine the next emperor. His plan: let all of his enemies take each other out, allowing for him to regain his grip on power. But what he doesn't expect is Hydrate of the Reverse Maruhage Empire taking over his tourney, using it to become emperor himself! The scared emperor bolts away knowing this, basically abdicating the throne and entering an early retirement alongside Mako-chan and Octopus Carl. Czar Baldy Bald also appears on the dollar bills of Halekulani. He is undoubtly the weakest of his empire shown as a cowardly strategist and was the primary villain until the Reverse Maruhage Empire arc. He is 42 yrs. old.

* Episode appearances: 1, 2 (shadow) 17 (cameo) 23, 26-27, 45-46, 51-55, 70-76
* Manga chapters: 194, 196.5
* Seiyuu: Taiki Matsuno
* Voice Actor: Terrence Stone

Block Leaders


(テル): Highest commander of the Hair Hunters, he holds a conference with the other higher Hair Hunt blocks...while being yelled at by his mother. His real name is Tsutomu (つとむ) and is seen with a cat on his lap when conversing with the most powerful Hair Hunt block leaders.
* Episode appearances: 1
* Seiyuu: Masaya Onosaka

Tokoro Tennosuke

"Main Article": Jelly Jiggler


(ツルン): Leader of B-Block, he and his entire force are later defeated offscreen by Gunkan's assistant, Suzu.

Geha the Gale

(疾風のゲハ Shippu no Geha): Guardian of the fifth floor of "Aitsuhage Tower" (Gale Room) and leader of C-block of the Hair Hunters. Can manipulate wind scythes like a Kamaitachi (a wind weasel). He is defeated by Gasser, but dies by being consumed by Wall Man. He seems to admire Kitemasu's taste in clothing.
* Episode appearances: 1, 8-10
* Manga appearances: 228
* Seiyuu: Masaya Takatsuka
* Voice Actor: Ezra Weisz


(キテマス): Leader of D-Block, wears a bunny suit(his pajamas) on the job.
* Episode appearances: 1

E and F Block Leaders

Also seen at the Hair Hunter leader meeting, they merely are seen as silent cloaked members wearing headdresses like those of the Ku Klux Klan.: Episode appearances: 1


(ハーゲン): Leader of the G-Block of Hair Hunters and the main villain of the first Bo-bobo episode/chapter. Because of his effeminate nature, he is seen wearing makeup. He is also the final boss in the game, Nosehairs of Fury.
* Episode appearances: 1
* Seiyuu: Takaya Kuroda
* Voice Actor: Ezra Weisz


(マイテル): Leader of H-block, says he's Medusa's 3rd cousin, and has an ability to turn people to stone like Medusa (though it turns Bo-bobo into vegetables); ends up taking Bo-bobo and Don Patch with him to his date with his girlfriend, Cathy. But after Bobobo, Don Patch, and Piggie ruin his date, she and her friends storm out reject him.
* Episode appearances: 2
* Seiyuu: Kenta Miyake
* Voice Actor: Dan Woren

J-Block Leader

The leader of J-Block, who Hatenko betrayed 5 years ago. He and his troops are LOCKED by the time we see him.

Boss Bob

Hisashi-kun (ひさし君 Hisashi-kun): The long-faced leader of M-Block, he rides around in a bobsled pushed by another Hair Hunter. He is easily defeated by Hatenko and his "Fist of the Key" abilities. he is the brother to Bob and Bob.
* Episode appearances: 22


"Main Article": Dengakuman

Other Block Leaders


(コデブン): Leader of the Hair Hunt River Block (Fish Expert), ends up facing the revival of King Nosehair. He is able to read minds.: Episode appearances: 4: Seiyuu: Shinji Kawada

Robo Team

(ロボチーム): Four separate robots who, together, make up the leadership of the Robo Block of the Hair Hunters. (while Robo Block is a separate Hair Hunt block in the manga, the anime makes them a "first line of defense" for Z-Block) When an encounter between one of them and Don Patch is noticed by Hatenkou, Bo-bobo and the others are forced to fight all of them together in various team activities. However, it turns out that Robo #1 is also known as Roscal (ロスカル) and was once a small robot befriended by Don Patch!

I'm Sorry Masked Man

Forgiveness Mask (許して仮面 Yurushite Kamen): The form the four robots of Robo Team become when they all fuse together (consequently, Bo-bobo and Don Patch can do the same).
* Episode appearances: 24
* Seiyuu: Kouichi Toochika


(ロッカー): The leader of Wiggin Block, he is already captured by Rice's "Kome Shinken" by the time we meet him...and ends up turning into a panda as a result.
* Episode appearances: 28
* Seiyuu: Yugo Takahashi

Other Villains


(ピカリ): The vice-leader of G-block, who tries to shave Beauty's head. He is the first on-screen opponent defeated by Bo-bobo.
* Episode appearances: 1
* Seiyuu: Kouji Haramaki


(タラシ): Vice-leader of H-block, abducts Beauty while Bo-bobo and Don Patch first fight each other, only to be stopped by Gasser. He usually likes to kidnap girls and sell them to wig makers at black markets.
* Episode appearances: 2
* Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi
* Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook


(キラリーノ): Hair Hunt assassin, best known for wearing "duck underwear" (in the manga, he actually wears the underwear as shorts, but in the anime, the underwear is placed on his head). Later, he becomes the greeter at Evil Blood Mansion...but he's still not that good of a Hair Hunter by then.
* Episode appearances: 3, 23
* Manga appearance: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Hisao Egawa
* Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook


Lucky (タカシ): The "duck underwear" Killalino owns. He is 26 yrs. old and is a mix between a duck and underwear, a "dundie". He always had dreams of being a swan.
* Episode appearances: 3, 23
* Manga Chapters: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Kosuke Toriumi

Puppet Lad

Puppetman (パピットマン Papittoman): A member of L-Block, looks like a Lego person. Bo-bobo forces Gasser to fight him...without using "Fist of the Backwind", but Bo-bobo himself ends up defeating him instead...with tissues. That Bobobo calls Fist of the Tissue Box Shoes."
* Episode appearances: 11
* Seiyuu: Shinji Kawada
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(マコちゃん): An alien that gets married to Tsuru Tsurulina, yet is merely seen most of the time off-camera as its tail sucks out the brain of the leader of the "Bald Empire".
* Episode appearances: 23, 51-55, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196.5


(オクトパスカル Okutopasukaru): A tiny octopus assistant to Czar Baldy Bald the 4th, usually seen riding on his shoulder and sending out his boss' orders.
* Episode appearances: 51-55, 57, 72, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Voice Actor: Anthony Pulcini


(空ニャン Kūnyan): An assassin sent by Czar Baldy Bald the 4th to test Bo-bobo and his team prior to entering the New Emperor. This long-nosed character uses "Parachute Shinken" (パラシユ-ト 真拳:Fist of Parachute) to create parachutes he uses to attach to his opponents and stop them.
* Attacks:
** Full Body Umbrella (無情体空傘 Mu Jō Tai Kū Kasa)
* Episode appearances: 70


(モグラ): Riding alongside Kuunyan's airplane, this humanoid mole first gives the announcement of the Cromedome New Emperor Playoff to those chosen to participate.
* Episode appearances: 70, 73

C-Block's Aitsuhage Tower


(ゲチャッピ): A demonic-looking member of C-block who controls the "Hairloss Beam", who makes anyone hit by it have all their hair fall out within 10 hours, attempting it on Bo-bobo, but ends up both on Beauty and Don Patch. Is defeated by the "Don Patch Hammer" (a green onion).
* Episode appearances: 6
* Seiyuu: Hiroki Takahashi
* Voice Actor: Steve Kramer


Tesuikatsu (テスイカツ): Guardian of the "Red Hot Room", the first floor of C-Block's "Aitsuhage Tower". Has tattoos on his face and captures Don Patch in a dryer. He is not to be confused with Katsu from A-Block in the dub.
* Episode appearances: 7
* Seiyuu: Kenji Nomura

hop Manager

(店長 Tenchou): Guardian of the "Thunder Room", the second floor of "Aitsuhage Tower" (which is a video store he owns). He faces Bo-bobo's wrath when he tries to fire one of his employees, a paramecia named "Mr. Cyclops Featherbrain Protozoa."
* Episode appearances: 7

Usa Chan the Rabbit

Vicious Velvet the Rabbit (ウサギのウサちゃん Usagi no Usa-chan): A stuffed rabbit who stands outside the "Rapids Room" as 3rd floor guardian of "Aitsuhage Tower" (another video store). Everyone but Beauty ignores him. After mouthing off to Beauty, she ties his ears into a knot. He later appears during Land Mine Dandy's bogus recap.
* Episode appearances: 7
* Manga appearances: 228
* Seiyuu: Chiwa Saitō
* Voice Actor: Barbara Goodson


"Main Article": Softon

Softon was first the guardian of the "Jet Black Room" of C-Block's "Aitsuhage Tower".

A-Block Amusement Park

Mary-Go Round

Ferris wheel (完ʷ乱射 Kanransha): Guardian of the Ferris wheel at A-Block's Amusement Park base. Bo-bobo gets into nice conversation with him while fighting him. He is irritated by the fact that his name is Mary (Ayumi-chan in the original) and able to turn his Ferris wheel into huge balls of electricity. Bobobo and Don Patch defeat him with a prank call.
* Episode appearances: 12
* Seiyuu: Hiroaki Miura


Ukikki (ウキッキ): Guardian of A-Block's monkey train. Name is based on the sound monkeys make in Japanese.
* Episode appearances: 13
* Seiyuu: Kazunari Tanaka


(ロク Roku)/(Uくん U-kun): Guardian of A-Block's coffee cup ride, he was formerly a "U" that was in love with Don Patch (Patches). He has a brain-washing ability to make his former "girl-friend" his again using hand signs of consecutive numbers, yet all it does is turn him into a goat. Ends up being defeated when Bo-bobo proves that "3+3=8", not 6 (this was through sped-up advanced math)! He later briefly appears as a participant in the new emperor playoffs.
* Episode appearances: 13, 72
* Seiyuu: Daisuke Kishio

Hakechatsu Teruno

(ハゲチャツ テルノ): Defeated leader (by the time we see him) of A-Block's jet coaster.
* Episode appearances: 13


(カツ): Vice-leader of A-Block and guardian of the haunted house of the amusement park. Can create smiley faces on his body that absorbs other "Fist" abilities, then releases them against his opponents in a technique called "Playback-Back". Has a thing for accessories such as Gasser's neck belt, Beauty's earrings, and Bo-bobo's shades. This obsession ultimately leads to his defeat when he takes off Gasser's collar and, for the first time on the show, reverts him back to the mind of a baby. His smile mouth defense gets overloaded by Gasser's (now in baby mode) "Fist of the BackWind" and he is defeated. He later sides with Dark Yasha in the "New Emperor Playoff", but his former boss Jelly Jiggler handles him easily. He is not to be confused with Katsu from C-Block.
* Episode appearances: 14-15, 21, 70, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Kihachirou Uemura (anime), Hikaru Midorikawa (PS2 game)
* Voice Actor: Richard Cansino


Tomohiro (トモヒロ): A hostage taken by General Jelly Jiggler that is meant to draw Bobobo out. As punishment for probably betraying the general, Spikey is threatened to eat spaghetti & meatballs, but Bobobo tries to make him choose rice and curry. It is assumed that Spikey is well known by Bobobo and he used to be a hair hunter.
* Episode appearances: 12, 15
* Seiyuu: Makoto Yasumura

Iguana Town & The Evil House of Blood

Lemon Fizz

Lamune (ラムネ "Ramune"): A beautiful green haired girl (although some renditions make her blue haired), she is one of Purupuu's (Kitty-Poo's) two assistants. She is claimed to be stronger than Captain Battleship...yet loses easily to Don Patch! She may have a secret crush on Hatenkou. Her name is the same as a Japanese lemon soda.
* Episode appearances: 22, 70, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196-196.5

Chocolate Munchie

Kinen (禁煙 Kinen) / Chocochocotto (チョコチョコット "Chokochokotto"): The other of the assistants of Puruppu (Kitty-Poo), he is another character like Killalino whose design and even name had to be changed between the manga and the anime. (in the manga, he was a walking box of cigarettes who's name was "No Smoking" in Japanese, while the anime had to make him into a tamer box of chocolates). But like the rest of his group, he too was easily defeated by Don Patch (who at one time snitched him out at school from doing bad things). He is used as a sacrifice by the Reverse Maruhage Empire after losing in the new emperor playoffs.
* Episode appearances: 22, 70, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196-196.5
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Grin & Bareit

Guri (グリ) & Gura (グラ): Two giant cell phones who are Czar Baldy Bald IV's strongest assassins and who pursue Bo-bobo to "Evil Blood Mansion"...but both aren't as strong as they look: Bareit gets broken at arrival and Grin explodes trying to save him!
* Episode appearances: 23

MAX Kyokawa

(MAX 清川 MAX Kyokawa): The "evil doctor" of the Hair Hunters, this giant lizard man captures Bo-bobo within a strange bio-liquid (Don Patch and Kappa make the bio-liquid into soup!) and makes him fight against his friends.
* Episode appearances: 23
* Voice Actor: Joe Ochman

The Ocean & Z-Block Base


(ケルベロス Keruberosu): A small chihuahua who is also the official guard-dog of Z-block Base.He was edited out of the broadcast version of the dub.
* Episode appearances: 24

Pon Taro

Pontarou (ぽん太郎 Pontarō): The very first fighter faced in Z-Block is actually the host of the game show "Quiz Kegari De Pon"! (クイズ毛狩りでポン, which roughly translates to Ringing Hair Hunt Quiz, with the "pon" both in the title and his name referring to the sound a buzzer makes on a game show) Bo-bobo and Don Patch both enter the show and get most of the questions wrong, but his true intentions are to get rid of Bo-bobo so he won't have to face him. Pontarou is defeated when Bo-bobo, transformed into a train by his final question, runs him over. (However, a variation of this show, complete with Pontarou as host, is found as a mini-game on the GBA Bo-bobo video game "Bakutou Hajike Taisen", where the questions are all Bo-bobo trivia).
* Episode appearances: 24
* Voice Actor: Dan Lorge


(ラジオマン): Unlike what his name suggests, this Z-Block being is a giant television who can permanently trap anyone that gets inside of him or the programming he shows. Working inside of him is Shou Mei. He is destroyed when Bobobo turns into a giant dragon.
* Episode appearances: 24-25
* Seiyuu: Hiroaki Miura
* Voice Actor: David Lodge

hou Mei

(ショウ・メイ "Shō Mei"): His name is the Japanese word for "illumination". The mastermind who controls Radioman, he attacks with several powerful lamps that are hanging all over his body. While his attacks seem to easily defeat Bo-bobo, it also unleashes another form of the afro warrior that puts a stop to him!
* Attacks:
** The Flash of Truth: Whoever Show Mei shines his light on has to tell the truth. Used against Bobobo and Don Patch.
* Episode appearances: 25
* Seiyuu: Kishō Taniyama
* Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter

Elite Chef Units

1st Class Chefs (一流シェフ Ichiryū Shefu): Unlike the Hair Hunting forces of the other blocks, all of the Z-Block hunters are in actuality a corp of identical-looking 1st Class Chefs (and one 2nd Class one) who end up nearly suffocating both Beauty and Gasser for lack of space.
* Episode appearances: 25

Zeb Ziegler

Kibahage (キバハゲ): The vice-leader of Z-Block with pig tails, he actually first appears hatching from an egg laid by Bo-bobo...after he had transformed into a dragon! Claiming he had waited five years to take on Bo-bobo, the two end up playing a strange game against each other.
* Seiyuu: Eiji Takemoto
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Dengakuman's "Friends"

Two people that are always hanging out with Dengakuman and watching all of Bo-bobo's moves..while proclaiming how cute their leader is. The male, who has no name outside Z-Block Citizen, is completely in black and ends up driving around Dengakuman's tank. The female, Hibi (ヒビ), ends up defeated through a bathroom encounter with Softon and Serviceman. As easily as the two of them are Dengaku Man's friends, they easily turn on him while he's facing Bo-bobo.
* Episode appearances: 16, 19, 24-26

Wiggin Block


Harry Hatenko (広 Hiroshi): A weird man in huge sunglasses, Hatenko's clothes, and "horn hair", he first appears amidst a flock of Hatenko as he is leaving Bo-bobo's group. After getting into a "wiggin" fight with Don Patch over ice cream, his appearance and defeat leads Bo-bobo to head towards the legendary block of the Wigginists.
* Episode appearances: 27
* Manga appearances: 228
* Seiyuu: Masaya Takatsuka
* Voice Actor: Dan Lorge

Line-Drawing Guy

(ラインひくやつ Line Hikuyatsu): A line-maker that Bo-bobo and group meet at a dolphin show at the front of the Wiggin Block. He wants to swim...but can't.
* Episode appearances: 27

Thread Man & Paper Man

(糸マン Itoman) & (紙マン Kamiman): Two beings, one made of string, one of paper. They were Gasser's "opponents" in Wiggin Block...until they were blown away by a wind before they could attack.
* Episode appearances: 27

The Teacup

(ザ・湯飲み Za Yunomi): Guardian of the "Tea Ceremony" room on the first floor of Wiggin Block, he ends up getting Beauty, Gasser, and Don Patch involved in a bizarre tea ceremony. In a scene cut from the dub, The Teacup shows a very S&D reaction towards another teacup being used for coffee. He reappears during the New Emperor Playoffs
* Episode appearances: 27, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5

Captain Ishida

(キャプテン石田 Kyaputen Ishida): A space policeman who appears from a Wiggin Bird Gasser uses in the "Wiggin Pet Shop" on the second floor of Wiggin Base (apparently he appears from any Wiggin Bird when the holder does not hold very much Wiggin ability). He is defeated by Bo-bobo after it is revealed he had arrested Jelly Jiggler (who was living in this pet shop) for causing a disturbance on Mars and bought him when he returned to the same supermarket Bo-bobo bought him before.
* Episode appearances: 27
* Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie


(チューの助 Chūnosuke): A small mouse samurai encountered on the third floor of Wiggin Block, Bo-bobo's team must partake in a cat-and-mouse game in order to stop it. His blade is called, Shadow of the Fang. He briefly works together with Bobobo during the new emperor playoffs.
* Episode appearances: 28, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Voice Actor: Brian Beacock


(ライス): A teen assassin encountered on the top floor of Wiggin Block, he is the master of "Kome Shinken" (Fist of Rice...which refers to the actual grain of rice, as opposed "gohan", cooked rice), which he attacks through an immense bowl of rice he summons above him. He also seems to enjoy blowing things up. While most of his attacks involve using the grain as a weapon, he can also trap people within the giant bowl, upon which if they don't escape within an hour...they turn into a panda! (well in Beauty's case, it was a panda costume) But while Rice primarily uses "Kome Shinken", he has an even more powerful alias and ability at his disposal: every night at exactly 6 p.m. (dinner time), he transforms into the "King of Hajikelists", using attacks more powerful and insane than anything even regular Hajikelists Bo-bobo and Don Patch haven't seen (though it doesn't help that Rice ends up wearing such odd outfits as a shampoo hat and a ballerina suit, and a giant "KING" costume while in this form)! He is defeated by Bobobo's "Pineapple Custard Pudding". He later assists in the battle against the former Hair Hunters, where he is defeated again by Lambada.
* Attacks:
** Fist of Rice - Rice's standard power that allows him to manipulate rice.
** Extra helping of Rice - Rice summons a giant bowl of rice that ingulfes the enemy.
** Flying Rice - Rice charges energy in his fist to prepare an air born attack.
** Rice Punch - Rice punches the ground after using Flying Rice, thus creating a rice shock wave.
** Rice-plosion - Rice punches the ground to create a diagonal stream of rice.
** Rice Cyclone - Rice creates a strong gust of wind that carries rice with it.
** Rice Avalanche - Rice summons an immense amount of rice to flood the area.
** Piggy Bank - Rice transforms into a female Piggy Bank to love strike the Bo-bobo Pigs.
** Witch's Brew - Rice tricks Don Patch into eating an apple, which is allegedly poisoned, but in reality they are just really really good.
**Mega Rice-plosion - Rice turns the opponent into a giant rice ball.
* Episode appearances: 27-30, 33, 35, 60-61
* Manga appearances: 196.5
* Seiyuu: Hiro Yuki
* Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Playoff Participants

Higusari Seijūrō

(火鎖清十郎 Higusari Seijūrō)/Blond Chainey: Guardian of Course #26 (Swift Hell-Depth Tunnel) in the elimination course of the "New Empire Playoff", this guardian uses the chains he's bound within to attack any intruders that enter his passage. Although Beauty, Don Patch and Ujikin TOKIO try to take him down, he is easily crushed by Halekulani's money attack when he appeared.
* Attacks:
** Galaxy Chain (ギヤラクシ・チエーン Gyarakushi Chen)
** Planetick Chain (プラネテイック・チエーン Puranetikku Chen)
* Episode appearances: 71
* Voice Actor: Jeff Nimoy


(メンマ): Guardian of Course #33 (Death Ramen Highway) inside the elimination courses of the "New Empire Playoff", this female in Chinese dress forces opponents to eat their way out while using her "Ramen Shinken" (Fist of Ramenラーメン真拳) to further make it difficult in their pursuit of victory (because anyone who ate her ramen noodles turned to stone!). Although she somehow stopped J, she was eventually defeated by a combination of Bo-bobo and the Three Civilization ninja squad.
* Episode appearances: 71
* Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh


(ねんちゃく)/ Nunchuck Nick One of the newcomers of the "New Empire Playoffs", he attacks Bobobo immediately as the playoffs officially start. He uses stop STOP Shinken (Fist of Stop STOP真拳), a fighting style that uses duct tape to bind or stop an opponent. He gets defeated after witnessing some horrible programming from "Bobobo TV"; he is also the highest of the Empire's assassin division. His astrological sign is a Taurus according to Bobobo.
* Attacks:
** Taping STOP (テーピング・STOP Tēpingu Sutoppu)- Nenchaku wraps up his enemies in Tape like cocoons.
** Drafting Stop (ドラフテイーング・ストップ Dorafutingu Sutoppu)
** Never End Death Dinner/ Never Ending Tape Krepe (ネバー・エンド・デス・デイナー Nebā Endo Desu Dinā)
** STOP Net Jungle Gym (STOP・ネット・ジヤングル・ジム Sutoppu Netto Janguru Jimu)
** Stop Knuckle (STOP ナークル STOP Nākuru)
** Open Body Taping (オプン・ボーデイ・テーピング Opun Bōdi Tēpingu)
** Homing STOP (ホーミング・STOP Hōmingu Sutoppu)
* Episode appearances: 72
* Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince

Dark Yasha

(闇夜叉 Yami Yasha): Initially appearing as a serious older man in a kimono, this warrior becomes Bo-bobo's main opponent in the death battle arena "Bottle Age" (filled with giant water bottles) in the first true stage of the journey to Chromedome Castle. Manipulating "Dokuro Shinken" (ドクロ真拳Fist of Skulls), he has various abilities including the ability to create fighting skeletons, manipulate a skull sword or place a special seal that forces an opponent's bones out of their body. Furthermore, he can further transform into a demonic form using a special "Skull Sake". But even if he loses with these abilities, his true form is revealed... (Note: although he eventually appeared in the manga, Dark Yasha originally appeared in the Bo-bobo GBA game "9 Kiwame Senshi Gyagu Yuugou") It is interesting to note that his name was never said in the English anime.
* Attacks:
** Skeleton Eye (骨眼 Kotsu Gan)/ Eye for an eye
** Demon Transform(夜叉変化 Yasha Ben Ge)/ Transform Evil to Eviler
** Skull Wave (骨波 Kotsu Ha)
** Skull Crest (紋骨承 Mon Kotsu Shou)/ Southwest Skullfest
* Episode appearances: 73
*Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter


(サンバマン): One of the most bizarre-looking characters on the show. He is Dark Yasha's true form. Sambaman's attacks cause anyone who hears and/or witnesses them to begin dancing. He also has a special juice which is supposed to make people ugly, but it ends up turning Bobobo and Don Patch into fruits, and Jelly into a pizza delivery guy. In one scene, Sambaman is featured wearing a bird beak and pecking away at the city the group fights him in. Eventually, when he is defeated, he asks to join Bo-bobo's team, which is him being strapped to a rocket and sent into space.
* Attack
** Samba Phone (サンバ☆ホン Sanba Hon)
** Samba Step (サンバ☆ステップ Sanba suteppu)
* Episode appearances: 73
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Video Game-Exclusive Villains


A teenage, blue-haired angel. She attacks by using air conditioners to lift up her short skirt revealing a various forms of censormanship underneath it. However, alone, this attack would annihilate everything, which is why she needs her assistant... (Note: Hisae is the only character exclusive to "Bakutou Hajike Taisen" that does not transform.)


A stick of dynamite, and Hisae's assistant. He absorbs the various pixellations and black bars that Hisae unleashes, channeling them into a sole beam, and blasts them at their opponents!

Nice Guy

A green haired youth who constantly mentions that the fangirls love him. Attacks by convincing his opponents that he is more popular than them.


A living, bucktoothed jellybean, and Nice Guy's true form. He attacks, by making his opponents eat too much valentines day chocolate and get fat.


A female astronaut who attacks with the power of "The legendary gumball sphere" an object which grants its user the ability to bore his/her enemies to death by enrolling them into a seminar on star constellations!

Kick the MAME old man

Ars' true form, she is a living cucumber that attacks her opponents by dressing up their computers as old men with a "Kick Me" sign on their back.


In The Escape! Wiggin rowaiyaru(脱出!ハジケロワイヤル,Dassyutsu! Hajike rowaiyaru)'s character. He is as tall as Dengakuman. He rides a big autobike.


In The Escape! Wiggin rowaiyaru's character. The fusion character of J Big baike and L's.He used Fist of the Black chain(ブラックチェーン真拳,Burakku tixeen shinken).

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  • Former Maruhage Empire villains — This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo bobo, that are from the Maruhage Empire of 100 yrs. ago.BackgroundOne century before the start of the series, the Maruhage Empire was one of many countries on planet Earth: a small… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse Maruhage Empire villains — This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo bobo, that are from the Reverse Maruhage Empire, led by Hydrate.BackgroundWay, way below the surface of the Earth, below the feet of the commoners and powerful of the Maruhage Empire,… …   Wikipedia

  • Maruhage Empire — The Maruhage Empire (マルハーゲ帝国 Maruhage Teikoku) is a fictional kingdom established on Earth in the year 300X in the manga/anime series Bobobo bo Bo bobo by Yoshio Sawai. Also known as the Margarita Empire (anime) and the Chrome Dome Empire… …   Wikipedia

  • Villains of Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo — This is a list of the general villains of the current Maruhage Empire from the manga series, Shinsetsu Bobobo bo Bo bobo. This list mainly consist of villains who rule under Czar Baldy Bald the Third.Neo Maruhage Empire (Introduction… …   Wikipedia

  • Villains in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo — In the manga Bobobo bo Bo bobo , Bo bobo s battles with the Hair Hunters leads to encounters with rivals and villains of all sorts. This section is a hub of all the various villain articles for those who appear in Bo bobo, with complete coverage… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo villains — The list of the main villains of the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo boboCzar Baldy Bald the IV Tsuru Tsurulina the IV / Czar Baldy Bald/Smoothie the 4th (viz manga)(ツル・ツルリーナ4世) The leader of the Chrome Dome Empire (マルハゲ帝国 Maruhage Empire , lit.… …   Wikipedia

  • Pomade Ring villains — This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo bobo, that reside in the Pomade Ring.BackgroundThe first and weakest of Tsurulina the Fourth s Four Heavenly Kings (though he was the only one to be equal to Bobobo s strength before the …   Wikipedia

  • Hair Kingdom villains — This is an article about the Hair Kingdom, from the manga/anime series Bobobo bo Bo bobo by Yoshio Sawai. The home country of several characters, including main character Bo bobo and key warrior Hatenko, it is also the final destination of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Over's Castle villains — This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo bobo, that reside in Over s Castle.BackgroundAs one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Maruhage Empire, the demonic being known only as OVER leads the most ruthless, brutal and obedient… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyber City villains — This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo bo Bo bobo, that reside in Cyber City.BackgroundThere are rebels though not as major as Bobobo, they still provide some menace to the government so when being shaved isn t enough then they are …   Wikipedia