National Geographic Wild

National Geographic Wild
National Geographic Wild
Nat Geo Wild logo.svg
Nat Geo Wild logo in the UK
Launched August 21, 2006 (Asia)[1]
March 1, 2007 (Europe, Israel, South Africa)[2]
September 9, 2008 (France)
October 14, 2007 (Italy)
July 31, 2009 (India)
July 2009 (Romania)
November 1, 2009 (Latin America)
November 15, 2009 (Australia)
March 29, 2010 (USA)
August 30, 2010 (Malaysia)
October 4, 2011 (Spain)
Owned by National Geographic Society/Fox Cable Networks
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
480i 16:9 letterbox format (US)
720p (HDTV US)
Slogan "Think again."
"Dare to Explore"
"Follow your instincts"
"Get Closer"
Country Worldwide
Language English
Broadcast area Asia
Latin America
United States
Headquarters Washington, District of Columbia
Replaced Adventure One (UK)
Fox Reality Channel (United States)
Sister channel(s) National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Music
Digiturk Turkey Channel 85
Channel 385 (HD)
Sky Digital UK Channel 528
Channel 528 (HD Customers)
Sky Anytime
Digi TV Romania
DStv (South Africa) Channel 261
SKY Italia (Italy) Channel 405
Orbit Showtime (Arab World)
DigitAlb (Albania) Channel 11
CanalSat (France) Channel 71
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 204
Yes (Israel) Channel 36
Dish TV (India) Channel 471
Dialog TV (Sri Lanka) Channel 45
Foxtel (Australia) Channel 616
Aora TV (Indonesia) Channel 201
TVB Pay Vision (Hong Kong) Channel 67
DirecTV (US) 283
1283 (VOD)
Dish Network (US) 190 (SD/HD)
Cyfrowy Polsat Poland Channel 89 (SD)
Channel 109 (HD)
Cyfra+ Poland Channel 73 (SD)
Channel 74 (HD)
n Poland Channel 73 (HD)
Neostrada TP z telewizją Poland Channel 78 (SD)
Channel 86 (HD)
Astro Malaysia Channel 550
DishHD Taiwan Channel 6192
Skylink SD, HD, channel nr. depends on the user
Skylife Korean Channel 84(HD)
Virgin Media UK Channel 228
Verizon FiOS Channel 132 (SD)
Channel 632 (HD)
StarHub TV Singapore Channel 413 (SD)
Channel 459 (HD)
First Media Indonesia Channel 111 (SD)
Channel 361 (HD)
RCS&RDS Romania Channel 48
UPC Romania Channel 311 (digital with DVR)
Channel 51 (digital)
Viet Bao CATV Vietnam Channel 24
HOT Israel Channel 45
Cable TV Hong Kong Hong Kong Channel 50
Ziggo Netherlands Channel 205
UPC Netherlands Channel 316
Kbro Taiwan Channel 97
TOP UP TV Thailand Channel 7
Parasat Cable TV Philippines Channel 320
Foxtel Australia Channel 616
Teledünya Turkey Channel 5 (HD)
MediaNet Maldives Channel 402
Channel 805 (HD)
Multimedia Polska Poland Channel 214
UPC Poland Channel 371
Channel 372 (HD)
Toya Poland Channel 321 (SD)
Channel 341 (HD)
HKBN bbTV Hong Kong Channel 303
now TV Hong Kong Channel 216
TrueIPTV Thailand Channel 18
Meo Portugal Channel 124
Neostrada TP z telewizją Poland Channel 78
QOOK TV South Korea Channel 453
AT&T U-verse Channel 266
Internet television
Sky Go Watch live (UK & Ireland only)

National Geographic Wild (abbreviated Nat Geo Wild), is a cable TV channel focused on animal-related programs. It is a sister network to National Geographic Channel and it is the latest channel to be jointly launched by the National Geographic Society and Fox Cable Networks. It first launched in Hong Kong on January 1, 2006,[1] focusing primarily on wildlife and natural history programming. The channel later launched in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Vietnam, and Poland replacing the now defunct Adventure One. The channel remains the world's first bilingual wildlife service, available in English and Cantonese in the Hong Kong market. The channel launched in Latin America on November 1, 2009 as a high definition channel.[3] In 2010, it launched in the United States.



Nat Geo Wild programming is sourced from various agencies, including UK and European distributors, terrestrial joint productions and National Geographic Television productions.[2] All programs are based on natural wildlife and wildlife history, with a heavy focus on nature's most fierce predators. Both the UK and Asian versions of the channel include programming focusing on wildlife in their local areas. Popular programs include:*

  • American Eagle
  • Animals Of Brazil
  • Ape Genius
  • A Man Among Bears
  • Space Crabs
  • Outback Wrangler
  • Warzone Gone Wild
  • Deadly Summer
  • Among The Great Apes With Michelle Yeoh
  • Unlikely Animal Friends
  • The Bear Evidence
  • Golden Seals of Skeleton Coast
  • Seahorses
  • Sixgill Shark
  • Expedition Grizzly
  • Chimps Unchained
  • The Megafalls of Iguacu
  • Dino Death Trap
  • Ninja Shrimp
  • Gorilla Murders
  • Extinction Sucks
  • Bear Nomad
  • City Of Ants
  • Extinction Sucks
  • Hollywood Bear Tragedy
  • Taiwan Wild
  • Red Sea, Green Future
  • Kingdom Of The Forest
  • Frogs:The Thin Green Line
  • An Animal Saved My Life
  • That Shouldn't Fly
  • Strikers!
  • Jean Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventure
  • The Last Lioness
  • Japan's Hidden Secret
  • Bears Of Fear Islands
  • Kingdom Of The Forest
  • Cliffhangers
  • Redwoods: Anatomy Of A Giant
  • Swamp Troop
  • Predators Of The Sea
  • Wild Detectives
  • Sex, Drugs & Plants
  • Hunting For Ngotto
  • Intimate Enemies
  • The Invaders
  • Jellyfish Invasion
  • Sea Strikers
  • Deadly 60
  • Bavaria's Alpine Kingdom
  • Bug Attack
  • Fishzilla
  • Zambezi
  • Animals of Brazil
  • Hippo Hell
  • Monkey Thieves
  • Restless Planet
  • Frogs: The Thin Green Line
  • Dam Beavers
  • Dragon Chronicles
  • Insect From Hell
  • Super Predators
  • Project Manta
  • Raptor Force
  • Dam Beavers
  • Shane Untamed
  • Killer Shots
  • Kangaroo Kaos
  • Intimate Enemies
  • Shadow Hunters
  • Hyena Queen
  • Spine Chillers: Vampire Bats
  • Raccoon Dogs: Alien Invaders
  • Hammerhead Highway
  • Strike Force
  • The Dark Side Of Hippos
  • Cuba: The Accidental Eden
  • Raccoon Dogs: Alien Invaders
  • Ultimate Vipers
  • Valley Of The Wolves
  • Zambezi
  • Octopus Volcano
  • Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpents
  • Mother Warthog
  • Animal Omens
  • Japan's Hidden Secret
  • Secret Shark Pits
  • Caught In The Act
  • Moray Eels: Alien Empire
  • Africa's Secret Seven
  • Search For The Giant Octopus
  • Animal Impact
  • Bandits Of Selous
  • 21st Century Shark
  • Desert Seas
  • Humpbacks: Cracking the Code
  • Fishzilla: Snakehead Invasion
  • Alaskan Killer Shark
  • California's Wild Coast
  • Sex, Drugs And Plants
  • Golden Seals of Skeleton Coast
  • Hummingbirds: Magic In The Air
  • Shark Nicole
  • Grizzly Cauldron
  • Asia's Deadliest Snakes
  • Strike Force
  • Chimps: Nearly Human
  • Dark Side Of Chimps
  • Predators in Peril
  • Dangerous Encounters With Brady Barr
  • Cuba:The Accidental Eden
  • Mystery Of The Wolf
  • Secrets Of The Mediterranean
  • Planet Carnivore
  • A Man Among Bears
  • Dragon Chronicles
  • Journey Into Amazonia
  • Bonecrusher Queens
  • The Last Lioness
  • Be The Creature
  • Totally Wild
  • Caught On Safari: Battle At Kruger
  • Croc Ganglands
  • Lion Warriors
  • Searching For The Snow Leopard
  • Leopard Queen
  • American Buffalo: Battling Back
  • Tiger Queen
  • Hidden Worlds
  • Deep Jungle
  • The Living Edens
  • Sumatra's Last Tiger
  • Croc Ganglands
  • Search For The Giant Octopus
  • Saved From The Spill
  • My Life Is A Zoo
  • Underwater Oasis
  • Great Apes With Michelle Yeoh
  • Zoo Confidential
  • The Kill Zone
  • Expedition Wild
  • Python Hunters
  • Evolutions
  • Swamp Men
  • Wild Nights
  • Killer Dragons
  • Living With Big Cats
  • Into The Abyss
  • Africa's Lost Eden
  • Predators In Peril
  • Clash Of The Crocs
  • Eye Of The Leopard
  • Relentless Enemies
  • Dolphin Army
  • Deep Jungle
  • How Big Can It Get
  • The Real Serengeti
  • Return Of The White Lion
  • Hunter Hunted
  • Shark Island
  • Superpride
  • Penguin Death Zone
  • Ultimate Bear
  • Ultimate Cat
  • Ultimate Shark
  • Ultimate Viper
  • Ultimate Hippo
  • Ultimate Enemies
  • Thunderbeast
  • Real Serengeti
  • Galapagos
  • Zambezi
  • Kingdom Of The Forest
  • Kingdom Of The Meadow
  • Morays: The Alien Eels
  • The Animal Extractors
  • Underwater Oasis
  • My Dog Ate What?
  • Rebel Monkeys
  • Dog Whisperer
  • Great Migrations
  • Caught in the Act
  • Mystery Gorilla
  • Predator Battleground
  • Grizzly Cauldron
  • Haunt Of The Hippo
  • Striker!
  • Ultimate Shark
  • Night Of The Lion
  • The Lion Ranger
  • Restless Planet
  • Monkey Thieves
  • Planet Carnivore
  • Inside Nature's Giants
  • Monster Crocs
  • Bug Brother
  • Lions On The Edge
  • Built for the Kill
  • The Kill Zone
  • Dogtown
  • Shell Shocked
  • Great Migrations
  • Lizard Kings
  • Animal Impact
  • Clan Of The Meerkat
  • Sharkville
  • Secret Shark Pits
  • Wild Nights
  • Hidden Worlds
  • Expedition Wild
  • Lions Behaving Badly
  • Lion Warrior
  • Wild Russia
  • When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs
  • Moray Eels
  • Lion Army: Battle To Survive
  • Wild Animal Evictions
  • Mystery Gorillas
  • Crocodile King
  • The Last Lioness
  • Smake Paradise
  • Deadly Snakes Of Asia
  • Tiger Queen
  • Amazon Claws
  • Wild Dog Diaries
  • Saved From The Spill
  • Secret Shark Pits
  • Squid vs Whale
  • Dangerous Encounters With Brad
  • World's Weirdest
  • My Dog Ate What?
  • Catching Giants
  • World's Deadlisst Animals
  • Triumph Of Life
  • Cheetah Blood Brothers
  • Cameramen Who Dare
  • Shark Night
  • Hunter Hunted
  • Python Hunters
  • World's Wildest Encounters
  • Gone Wild
  • Monster Fish
  • Monster Jellyfish
  • Rescue Ink
  • Thunderbeast
  • Brutal Killers
  • Living With Big Cats
  • Killer Instincts
  • Predator Battleground
  • A Man Among Wolves
  • Wild Asia
  • World's Deadliest
  • Restless Planet
  • Crittercam
  • Eternal Enemies
  • Big Cat Odyssey
  • Big Animal Hunt with Filip Badrov
  • Prehistoric Predators
  • Strike Force
  • Bug Attack
  • Caught Barehanded
  • Bizarre Dinos
  • America's Deadly Obsession
  • The Rise Of Black Wolf
  • Saved From The Spill
  • Super Pride
  • Predator CSI
  • Blue Collar Dogs
  • World's Worst Venom
  • Spain's Last Lynx
  • Orca Killing School
  • Bite Me With Dr. Mike Leahy
  • Polar Bear Alcatraz
  • In The Womb
  • Sahara
  • Ultimate Vipers
  • Amazon Claws
  • Amazonia's Giant Jaws
  • Animal Autopsy
  • Off The Clock
  • 21st Century Shark
  • The Pack
  • Crocs Of Katuma
  • Dino Autopsy
  • Hammerhead Highway
  • Clan Of The Meerkat
  • Eye of the Leopard
  • Kalahari Supercats
  • Secrets Of The King Cobra
  • Croc Ganglands
  • Spine Chillers
  • Superfish
  • Street Monkeys
  • Anaconda
  • Phantom Wolverine
  • Secret Shark Pits
  • Dive to Tiger Central
  • Quest For The Megafish Of The Amazon
  • Spain's Last Lynx
  • The Pack
  • Penguin Death Zone
  • Anaconda: Queen Of The Serpents
  • The Dark Side Of Elephants


Nat Geo Wild HD Logo


The channel launched on March 1, 2007 in the UK,[2] and now reaches up to 10.5 million homes via subscription providers Sky Digital and Virgin Media. In the Republic of Ireland it has more than 500,000 viewers on its UPC Ireland service and Sky Digital.


In Asia, the channel is carried on the StarHub TV and Now TV subscription services. Showtime Arabia carries the channel for Middle Eastern viewers. The channel was launched in South Korea on April 16, 2009. The channel was launched in India on July 31, 2009. Currently its available on Videocon d2h and Sun Direct DTH using the Asian feed.

Latin America

The Latin American version of the channel launched on November 1, 2009.[3]


The Asian version of the channel launched into Australia on November 15, 2009 on Austar and Foxtel.[citation needed] The high definition version launched on Foxtel on November 1, 2010. It is expected to launch on Austar in late 2010/early 2011. [4]

United States

The channel launched in the United States on March 29, 2010, replacing Fox Reality Channel.[5][6] Providers that carried it at launch include Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Communications, Verizon Fios and AT&T U-verse. Dish Network did not reach a carriage agreement at launch, but began to broadcast the channel on April 19, 2010. DirecTV didn't carry it at launch but added it on June 30, 2010. Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Brighthouse Networks, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T U-verse carry the channel in 720p high definition.


The channel launched in South Africa in mid 2009, and is available on the South African Satellite Network DSTV.[7]


According to a press release,[specify] NGCI expects to roll out the channel globally, with expansion to other areas in Europe, Latin America, Israel and Taiwan.[citation needed]


Nat Geo Wild's largest competitor is Animal Planet.

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