Klimavichy ( _be. Клiмавiчы; _ru. Климовичи, Klimovichi; Łacinka: Klimavičy) is a city in the western Belarusian Mahilyow Voblast. Klimavichy is located 124 km west of Mahilyow on the bank of Kalinica River and is the administrative center of the Klimavichy Raion since 1924.

First references in historical documents are dated by 1581 in relation to Mścisław Voivodship of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was granted city status in 1777, and a Coat of Arms in 1781.

It was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II and liberated in October 1943.

The city and especially its raion heavily suffered during the Chernobyl disaster.

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* [http://klimovichi.belros.info/oblast/obr.shtml Klimovichy raion website]
* [http://www.radzima.org/pub/miesta.php?lang=en&miesta_id1=makmklim Photos on Radzima.org]

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