DL character
name = Mishakal
alias =

  • Light Bringer
  • Healing Hand
  • Bearer of Light
  • Healer in the Home
  • Ka-Mel-Sha
  • Ke-en
  • Mesalax
  • Meshal
  • Mishas
  • Quenesti Pah
  • Quen Illumini
    alignment = Good
    title =
  • Blue Lady
  • Empress
  • White Lady
  • Skymistress
    homeland = The Dome of Creation
    race = God of Good
    gender = Female
    creator = Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
    debut = Dragons of Autumn Twilight (1984)

    Mishakal is the goddess of healing in the fictional Dragonlance setting, first true god (of good) introduced in the roleplaying modules as well as the novels. She was the goddess that restored knowledge of the true gods to Krynn after the Cataclysm. She is the patron of healing, hearth, love and motherhood.

    Mishakal was the wife of Paladine and she is the mother of the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, as well as Solinari. Mishakal has been the chief god of good ever since her husband Paladine chose mortality at the end of the War of Souls. She of course was against Takhisis, former head god of evil, made mortal by her husband's sacrifice and killed at the very end of the War of Souls, but she is also against Morgion and Chemosh, who destroy life as masters of respectively disease and undeath.

    Clerics of Mishakal were the most numerous of the clerics before the Cataclysm, and Mishakal was the most loved god by the common people. She brought back the gift of divine healing to the world by giving the power first to Goldmoon [DL1] [DoAT] , who convinced the people of the return of the gods [DoWN] [DoWN] .

    Written on several indestructible platinum disks are the teachings of Mishakal known as the Disks of Mishakal [DCLS] . These were part of the dragon Khisanth's hoard in the broken city of Xak Tsaroth. They were later stolen by the Companions.

    Titles and Symbols

    Mishakal is also called Healing Hand, Blue Lady, Bearer of Life, Light Bringer, Healer in the Home, Empress, Ke-en, Ka-Mel-Sha, Meshal, Mesalax, Quen Illumni, Quensti Pah, Skymistress, White Lady, and arguably Elir-Sana. Her symbol is the sign for infinity (infty), and she can be viewed in the night sky over Krynn as the constellation known as Infinity [HOotS] .


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