List of mountains in Taiwan

List of mountains in Taiwan

Taiwan is a mountainous island, and mountain climbing is a favorite activity of many Taiwanese people. A list of One Hundred Mountains Ranking (Chinese:百岳排行) was created in 1971, which listed the best mountains for climbing on the island. Climbing all one hundred mountains is the greatest challenge for Taiwanese climbers.

High peaks

* Jade Mountain (Yushan, Yu Shan, Mt. Yu, Niitakayama, Mount Niitaka, Mt. Morrison) 玉山:
**Main Peak 主峰 3,952 m (12,966 ft)
**Eastern Peak 東峰 3,940 m (12,927 ft)
**Northern Peak 北峰 3,920 m (12,861 ft)
**Southern Peak 南峰 3,900 m (12,795 ft)
* Snow Mountain (Hsuehshan) 雪山 3,886 m (12,749 ft)
* Siouguluan Mountain 秀姑巒山 3,860 m (12,664 ft)
* Wulameng Mountain 烏拉孟山 3,805 m (12,483 ft)
* Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 3,740 m (12,270 ft)
* Central Range Point 中央尖山 3,703 m (12,149 ft)
* Mount Guan 關山 3,666 m (12,028 ft)
* Dongjyun Mountain 東郡大山 3,619 m (11,873 ft)
* Cilai Mountain 奇萊山:
**Northern Peak 北峰 3,605 m (11,827 ft)
**Main Peak 主峰 3,559 m (11,677 ft)
* Siangyang Mountain 向陽山 3,603 m (11,821 ft)
* Dajian Mountain 大劍山 3,593 m (11,788 ft)
* Cloud Peak (Yunfeng) 雲峰 3,562 m (11,686 ft)
* Dasyue Mountain 大雪山 3,529 m (11,578 ft)
* Tao Mountain 桃山 3,525 m (11,565 ft)
* Pintien Mountain 品田山 3,524 m (11,562 ft)
* Dabajian Mountain 大霸尖山 3,505 m (11,499 ft)
* Wuming Mountain 無明山 3,449 m (11,316 ft)
* Hehuan Mountain (Hehuanshan) 合歡山 3,416 m (11,207 ft)
* Nenggao Mountain 能高山:
**Southern Peak 南峰 3,349 m (10,988 ft)
**Main Peak 主峰 3,261 m (10,699 ft)
* Jhuoshe Mountain 卓社大山 3,343 m (10,968 ft)
* Baigu Mountain 白姑大山 3,341 m (10,961 ft)
* Sinkang Mountain 新康山 3,335 m (10,942 ft)
* Taroko Mountain 太魯閣大山 3,282 m (10,768 ft)
* Dan Mountain 丹大山 3,240 m (10,630 ft)

Other Mountains

* Yangmingshan 陽明山 (Mt. Yangming, a mountain area in north Taiwan)
* Seven Star Mountain 1,120 m (3,675 ft) (Taiwan's tallest extinct volcano)
* Taipingshan 太平山 1,950 m (6,398 ft) (Mt. Taiping)

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* [ Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China]
* [ The Department of National Parks]

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