Thread of Time

Thread of Time

__NOTOC__Infobox Album
Name = Thread of Time – The Best of the Music of Enya
Type = tribute album
Longtype = to Enya
Artist = Taliesin Orchestra

Released = March 12, 2002
Recorded = 2002
Genre = New age
Length = 52:31
Label = Compendia
Producer = Trammell Starks
Reviews = *Musical Discoveries [ link]
Last album = "Maiden of Mysteries" (1997)
This album = "Thread of Time" (2002)
Next album = "Sacred" (2002)|

"Thread of Time – The Best of the Music of Enya" (2002) is the fifth album out of nine (excluding one importTaken from CD Universe, [ here] .] ) released by the Taliesin Orchestra, and is a tribute to the Irish singer Enya. There have been three other Enya tribute albums released by the Orchestra: "Orinoco Flow", "An Instrumental Tribute to the Hits of Enya", and "Maiden of Mysteries".

Track listing

#"Council of Elrond with Aniron" – 5:36
#"Orinoco Flow" – 4:12
#"May It Be" – 4:37
#"Only If" – 6:10
#"Before the Storm" – 2:48
#"Storms in Africa" – 7:06
#"Memory of Trees" – 4:23
#"Anywhere Is" – 5:48
#"Athair Ar Neamh" – 3:40
#"Evacuee" – 3:53
#"Only Time" – 4:18


*Rita Manning – violin
*Jim McLeod – violin
*Peter Oxer – violin
*Anthony Pleeth – cello
*Maciej Rakowski – violin
*Frank Ricottitimpani
*David Shumway – cello
*Robert Spates – violin
*Hugh Webb – harp
*Gavyn Wright – violin
*Felicia Sorensen – arranger, vocal arrangement
*Bill Benham – violin
*Barbara Brown – cello
*Dermot Crehan – violin
*Vaughan Armon – violin
*Martin Robinson – cello
*Patrick Kiernan – violin
*Boguslaw Kostecki – violin
*Justin Pearson – cello
*Mark Whitaker – art direction, design
*Rolf Wilson – violin
*Cathy Giles – cello
*Sam Skelton – woodwind
*Kathy Birch – cello
*Lee Brewster – violin
*Riza Browder – violin
*Bill Comita – cello
*Paul Gardham – French horn
*Jeff Girdler – French horn
*James Gollmer – French horn
*Jennifer Himes – violin
*Harriette Hurd – violin
*Linda Kapusciars – cello
*Phyllis Mauney – harp
*Sue Midkiff – violin
*Jon Nazdin – bass
*John Pigneguy – French horn
*Simon Rundlett – violin
*Nancy Jo Snider – cello
*Phil Splezter – violin
*Judy Steinmeyer – violin
*Richard Watkins – French horn
*Lisa Sayre – oboe
*Roger Whitworth – French horn
*Paul Cullington – double bass
*Amy Comtrolis – cello
*Perry Mason – violin
*Rebecca Hirsch – violin
*Kenneth Soper – French horn
*Belinda Swanson – violin
*Hugh Seenan – French horn
*Sophie Harris – cello
*Teri Lazar – violin
*Bruno Nasta – violin
*Charles Sayre – conductor
*Leslie Ludena – orchestra
*Carlton Batts – mastering
*Mark Berrow – violin
*Ben Cruft – violin
*Roger Garland – violin
*Wilfred Gibson – violin
*John Heley – cello
*Paul Kegg – cello
*Gary Kettel – percussion
*Chris Laurence – double bass
*Martin Loveday – cello
*Trammell Starks – keyboards, programming, mixing, producer, engineer


ee also

*Taliesin Orchestra
*"Orinoco Flow - The Music of Enya"
*"Maiden of Mysteries"

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