Entry Island

Entry Island

Entry Island (Île-d’Entrée in French) is an island off the east coast of the Magdalen Islands, which are part of the Canadian Province of Quebec. The island is 2 km wide and 3 km long. The island is located 12 km from the main port of Cap-aux-Meules of the Magdalen Islands. Entry Island is only accessible by the sea. The island is also home to an English-speaking community.

Fishing is the main industry of the island with the lobster fishery being the most important, but some fishermen also harvest crab, scallops, whelk, mackerel, tuna and herring.

Visible as the first island when travelling by ferry from the Magdalen Islands, Entry Island can be identified by its lavishly tinted cliffs, the highest of which rises a sheer 559 feet (170.4 m) from the sea, and is the highest point of land in the archipelago. Fewer than 130 residents of Scottish and English origin inhabit this unique island. The island has two stores, a restaurant, church, school, CLSC, museum, and post office; a Bed and Breakfast operates during the tourist season.

Entry Island School

The present Entry Island School was constructed in 1963. It has three classrooms, a library, office, kitchen and auditorium. in 2007 the school had 18 students enrolled, 7 girls and 11 boys. Students begin school in pre-kindergarten and go to Secondary II. They can complete their studies at an English high school in Grosse-Île, Bonaventure or Gaspé. [ [http://www.essb.qc.ca/schools.php?menu=elem&school=eis Eastern Shores School Board ] ]


A ferry comes to Entry twice a day from May 1 to December 31. The island has an airplane service from January 1 until April 30. When visitors come to Entry Island, after an hour boat ride, they see more four-wheelers or snowmobiles (depending on the season) in the parking lot than cars.

Crossings to Entry Island vary from season to season. From May until the end of December there is a regular local ferry service that transports passengers, mail and freight. In winter a small plane assumes this service, weather permitting. Sometimes in the winter an ice bridge forms from Entry Island to Amherst Island. This winter bridge is used frequently by islanders travelling on snowmobiles, horses and even automobiles as well as on foot (for the intrepid) according to winter conditions. [ [http://www.ilesdelamadeleine.com/cami/entry2.htm C.A.M.I.'s Historical Heritage Complex ] ]

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Three English communities exist on the Magdalen Islands; Grosse-Île, Old Harry and Entry Island. Entry Island is the only totally secluded community as the others (English and French) are all connected by sand dunes and a highway, Route 199.


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* [http://www.ilesdelamadeleine.com/cami/entry2.htm The Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders Entry Island site]
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