List of properties (Central Park West Historic District)

List of properties (Central Park West Historic District)

This is a list of all properties contained within the boundaries of the federal government designated Central Park West Historic District in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A. The list includes 59 contributing properties and one non-contributing property at 80 Central Park West. This list does not include all of the contributing properties to the similar Upper West Side/Central Park West local historic district. The list is sortable by any of the categories of information it contains. Of the 59 contributing properties, at least one has been demolished.

The list contains information on each structure including, its common name. If the building doesn't have a general common name that can be attributed to a reliable source then the address is substituted. The address is listed for each structure because it provides a general reference point to navigate the structures of the historic district. The list's default sort orders the properties as they are on the street, from low numbered blocks (e.g. 15 Central Park West) to high numbered blocks (e.g. 336 Central Park West). Properties with addresses on streets other than Central Park West also follow this order and are in place on the list as they would appear if the historic district were walked through. Linked information on each building's major architectural themes is also listed. Following the date of construction the architect or architects names are listed. Any pertinent remarks are listed in the last section.

Contributing properties

These properties are contributing properties to the Central Park West Historic District. In general this means that they add to the historic character of the historic district.

Non-contributing properties




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