Horrible Harry

Horrible Harry

"Horrible Harry" is a popular children's book series written by Suzy Kline which is used in American elementary schools for teaching reading. [cite book |title=Teaching Word Recognition, Spelling, and Vocabulary |last=Rajewski |first=Jeannine Perry |year=2000 |publisher=International ReadingAssociation |isbn=0872072797 |pages=p. 63 |url=http://books.google.com/books?id=mldZMy09ynkC&pg=PA63&dq=%22Horrible+Harry%22+%2Bkline+-inauthor:kline&num=100&sig=BCVTKHGkJikefg5J6YwQp5cpnP0 ] It is based on a 3rd grader named Harry, and his misadventures are told through the words of his best friend, Doug. Harry's and Doug's friends are Sidney, Song Lee, Mary, Ida, and Dexter. His teacher is named Mrs. Mackle. His principal's name is Mr. Cardini.


* Doug is Harry's best friend. The books are written from his point of view.
* Harry Spooger, the main character and best friend of Doug, who is always doing something crazy that is the subject of the books. He has a crush on Song Lee. Although he likes doing horrible things, he has an interest for science and fantasy.
* Sidney, a snobby boy in their class with a hint of French heritage. He likes to try to pick on Harry. He is shown to be Harry's rival and always calls him Harry the Canary which earned him the nickname Sid the Squid. When he attempts to outdo or prank Harry in various situations, he sometimes ends up biting off more than he can chew.
* Song Lee, a girl from Korea, that Harry has a crush on. She is very nice and polite, and does something mean very occasionally in the series. She has even been nice to Mary "after Mary insulted her more than a few times!" She has a passion for animals, and is very obedient.
* Mary, a snobby girl that's Ida's best friend. She attempts not to like Harry, but is only nice to him on Valentine's Day. She can be blatantly insulting at times to "everybody", (e.g. "Doug, you don't know anything!") and is frequently opposed to Harry's point of view.
* Ida, Mary's best friend. Her great-great grandmother sailed on the Titanic and survived. At one point in the books, she is revealed to have Asian Indian and African ancestry.
* Dexter, a "cool" kid in their class. He is a major Elvis Presley fan and celebrates Three Kings' Day every year. He is also prone to seasickness.
* ZuZu, a boy from Lebanon, became part of the class in a later book, and also brought a class pet to Room 3B, a guinea pig named JouJou.
* Other students besides Doug, Harry, Sidney, Song Lee, Mary, Ida, Dexter and ZuZu are implied to be in the class, but are never given names, except for Shoshanna White (she was only mentioned once), who was stated to have moved away in one of the books.
* Mrs. Mackle, Doug, Harry, Sidney, Song Lee, Mary, Ida, and Dexter's teacher. She is engaged to a substitute teacher that appeared in one of the books (Harry and Doug mistook the fiancé to be the music teacher)
* Mr. Cardini The school's principal. He is always a comedian and is revealed to have always wanted spiky hair in one early book. Sometimes he uses Italian phrases or words (usually "Bravissimo!")

List of books

*"Horrible Harry in Room 2B"
*"Horrible Harry and the Green Slime"
*"Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion"
*"Horrible Harry's Secret"
*"Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise"
*"Song Lee in Room 2B"
*"Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt"
*"Song Lee and the "I Hate You" Notes"
*"Song Lee and the Leech Man"
*"Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding"
*"Horrible Harry and the Dungeon"
*"Horrible Harry and the Purple People"
*"Horrible Harry and the Drop of Doom"
*"Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade"
*"Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon"
*"Horrible Harry Goes to Sea"
*"Horrible Harry at Halloween"
*"Horrible Harry and the Dragon War"
*"Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins"
*"Horrible Harry and the Triple Revenge"


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