Lords of Baux

Lords of Baux
Coat of arms of the Lords of Baux.

This is a list of the Lords, Barons and Marquisses of Baux.


List of rulers of Baux

Lords of Baux of the House of Baux

  • Pons (971-?), father of
  • Hugh 1 (?-1059), father of
  • William I Hugh (1050–1110), father of
  • Raymond I (1110–1150), father of
  • Hugh II (1150–1167)
  • Betrand I (1167–1181), brother of Hugh II
  • Hugh III, lord of Baux, viscount of Marseille (1181–1240), eldest son of Bertrand I.
  • Barral I of Baux (1240–1268), father of
  • Bertrand III (1268–1305), father of
  • Raymond II (1305–1322), father of
  • Hugh IV (1322–1351), father of
  • Robert (1351–1353)
  • Raymond III (1353–1372), brother of Robert, father of
  • John I (1372–1375)
  • Alice I (1372–1426), sister of John

This branch of the House of Baux was declared extinct in 1426. The domains were inherited by Counts of Provence. The House of Baux moved to Italy on 1263 following Charles I of Anjou (see del Balzo).

Lords of Baux of the House of Valois-Anjou

  • René I (1426–1480), also king of Naples as René I
  • Charles I (1480–1482), son of

In 1482 the domains became part of the royal domain and the title passed to the French kings.

Lords of Baux of the House of Valois

  • Louis I (1482–1483), also king of France as Louis XI
  • Charles II (1483–1498), also king of France as Charles VIII
  • Louis II (1498–1513), also king of France as Louis XII
  • Francis I (1515–1547), also king of France as Francis I
  • Henry I (1547–1559), also king of France as Henry II
  • Francis II (1559–1560), also king of France as Francis II
  • Charles III (1560–1574), also king of France as Charles IX
  • Henry II (1574–1589), also king of France as Henry III

Lords of Baux of the House of Bourbon

  • Henry III (1589–1610), also king of France and Navarre as Henry IV
  • Louis III (1610–1643), also king of France and Navarre as Louis XIII

In 1513 Louis XII makes the Lordship of Baux into a Barony, which is ruled by a governor, who bears the title of baron.

From 1528 the Baron receives local assistance in the day to day governance of the Barony from a Captain-Visor.

Barons of Baux

  • Bernardin of Baux (1513–1528)
  • Anne of Montmorency (1528–1567)
  • Honoré of Martins (1567–1582)
  • James of Bauche (1582–1621)
  • Anthony of Villeneuve (1621–1631)

After the death of Anne in 1567, the Captain-Visors become the strongmen of the Barony.

Captains-Visors of Baux

  • Claude of Manville (1528-before 1553), his fonctions being assumed by his widow until 1553
  • Pierre of Cotheron (1553–1560)
  • John of Manville (1560–1562)
  • John of Quiqueran-Ventabren (1562–1563)
  • Gauchier of Quiqueran (1563–1564)
  • Valentin of Grille (1564–1575)
  • Peter of Véran (1575–1607)
  • Peter of Savournin (1607–1618)
  • Jack of Vérassy (1618–1631)
  • Nicolas Vincent (1631)

In 1631, the royal domain is sold by the king to the loal community of Baux. In 1642 the king donates the title of Marquis of Baux to prince Anthony I of Monaco.

Marquisses of Baux of the House of Grimaldi

Main article: Marquis of Baux

Marquis of Baux (French: Marquis des Baux) is nowadays one of the Prince of Monaco's many hereditary titles, and one which is usually also given to the reigning Prince's eldest son.

With the exception of Princess Charlotte, styled as HSH The Princess Charlotte, the Marquis of Baux is officially styled as HSH Hereditary Prince of Monaco or HSH Hereditary Princess of Monaco during their period as marquis or marquise.

Lords of Berre, Meyragues, Puyricard and Marignanane branch

  • Bertrand II, second oldest son of Bertrand I of Baux, lord of Berre, Meyragues and Puyricard, and Marignanane (1181–1201)
  • ...

From this branch originated the family branches of the Lords of Berre, Lords of Meyrargues and Puyricard, who went extinct in 1349, and lords of Marignane, acquired by House of Valois-Anjou, as well as the Dukes of Andria.

Princes of Orange of the House of Baux-Orange

  • Bertrand I of Baux (1171–1181)
  • William I, count of Orange, youngest son of Bertrand I of Baux (1181–1218)
  • Raymond I (1218–1282)
  • Bertrand II (1281–1314)
  • Raymond II (1314–1340)
  • Raymond III (1340–1393)
  • Mary of Baux (1393–1417), daughter, married John III of Châlon-Arlay

In 1417 the House of Ivrea or House of Châlon-Arlay succeeded as princes of Orange.

A brother of William I started the branch of the Lords of Courbezon (House of Baux-Courbezon), which went extinct in 1393. Another brother started the line of Lords of Suze, Solerieux and Barri (House of Baux-Suze-Solerieux-Barri), which went extinct and reverted afterwards to the counts of Orange.

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