List of alleged UFO-related entities

List of alleged UFO-related entities

This is a list of alleged entities reportedly witnessed, encountered or speculated to be associated with UFOs. UFOs are apparent flying objects which cannot be identified in terms of known human creations or natural phenomena even after rigorous attempts at identification. The description of many of these UFOs as resembling flying machines with capabilities far greater than publicly known human technology has fueled speculation that some UFOs are spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials.

While this extraterrestrial hypothesis has seen the most support among the general public, some paranormal researchers have postulated extra-dimensional, psychical or religious explanations for their origin. Mainstream scientists regard the study of UFOs and related subjects to be pseudoscience and few are willing to advocate the objective reality of these alleged UFO occupants and related entities.

The list

Abducting entities

Cryptozoological entities

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