Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre

Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre

The Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre is a Shia Muslim mosque in Milltown, Dublin commonly known as ‘Hussainia’. It was opened in 1996 and is the only Shia mosque and centre in Ireland.

There are about 2000 Shia Muslims working, studying and living in Ireland. The Centre provides a programme every Saturday and holds daily prayers and the Jumu'ah prayer. The Centre's Imam is Dr. Sayyed Ali Abdullah, a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and a religious scholar from Qum, Iran. The head of administration and the director is Dr. H. Baker. The centre also has good relationships with many politicians and diplomats of Ireland as well as politicians and diplomats of countries abroad and the two Islamic centre of Ireland.

The mosque was founded by Shia medical students during the 1970s, moving through several rented houses before finally getting its own building. The mosque was built from personal funds.

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* [http://homepage.tinet.ie/~ahlulbyteassociation/ Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre, Ireland]
* [http://www.shiamuslimsinireland.com/index.php?module=webpage&id=5 About - Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre] , Shia ithna’ashari community of Ireland

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