Chamberlain (office)

Chamberlain (office)

A chamberlain is an officer in charge of managing a household. In many countries there are ceremonial posts associated with the household of the sovereign.

Historically, many institutions and governments – monasteries, cathedrals and cities – also had the post of chamberlain, who usually had charge of finances.[1] The Finance Director of the City of London is still called Chamberlain, while New York City had such a chamberlain, who managed city accounts, until the early 20th century.[2]



Some of the principal posts known by this name:

Byzantine Empire

  • Koubikoularios
  • Parakoimomenos
  • Praepositus sacri cubiculi



  • Kammermeister




  • Chamberlain-Major of Portugal
  • Chamberlain of the Prince of Portugal

Roman Empire

Great Britain



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