Karlin (Pinsk)

Karlin (Pinsk)

Karlin (formerly "Karolin") is the name of a suburb of the city of Pinsk in Belarus. It was founded as a town near Pinsk in 1690. The original name was coined after the village's founder, Jan Karol Dolski. By 1695 he built a church (currently a concert hall) and a fortified manor on the spot. He also allowed Jews to settle in the area.

Soon afterwards the village was taken over by the mighty Wiśniowiecki family, who extended the castle. However, already in 1706 the village was captured by the Swedish forces and burnt. Following the destruction of Pinsk many locals moved to the partially-restored village, which with time became a notable suburb. In 1786 a new church of the Bernardines was built there (currently an orthodox church devoted to St. Barbara). In the second partition of Poland in 1793, Karlin was part of the region ceded to Russia. In 1799 the Russian authorities incorporated Karolin into Pinsk.

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