Free State of Lippe

Free State of Lippe

Infobox Former Subdivision
native_name = "Freistaat Lippe"
conventional_long_name = Free State of Lippe
common_name = Lippe
continent = Europe
subdivision = State
nation = Germany
era = Interwar period|
year_start = 1918
date_start = 9 November
year_end = 1947
date_end = 21 January
event_end= Incorporation into NRW
event1 =
date_event1 =
p1 = Principality of Lippe
s1 = North Rhine-Westphalia
flag_p1 = Flagge Fürstentum Lippe.svg
flag_s1 = Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia (state).svg|

symbol_type =
symbol_type_article =

symbol_type =
symbol_type_article =

image_map_caption = Lippe, within Germany at the time of the Weimar Republic
capital = Detmold
stat_area1 = 1215.2
stat_year1 = 1939
stat_pop1 = 188598
government_type = Republic
title_leader = Chairman
leader1 = Clemens Becker
year_leader1 = 1918-1920
leader2 = Heinrich Drake
year_leader2 = 1920-1933
leader3 = Ernst Krappe
year_leader3 = 1933
title_deputy = Minister-President
deputy1 = Hans Joachim Riecke
year_deputy1 = 1933-1936
deputy2 = Alfred Meyer
year_deputy2 = 1936-1945
deputy3 = Heinrich Drake
year_deputy3 = 1945-1947
footnotes =
The Free State of Lippe ( _de. Freistaat Lippe) was a German state formed after the Principality of Lippe was abolished following the German Revolution of 1918.

After the end of World War II, Lippe was restored from Nazi rule. This autonomy ended in January 1947 when British forces incorporated Lippe into the new German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which had been established some 3 months earlier. The British established a number of military bases in North Rhine-Westphalia one of which was located within the former boundaries of The Free State of Lippe.

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