Carl Gustav M/45

Carl Gustav M/45

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caption=U.S Soldier with m/45 SMG during special weapons training. Notice the incorrect forward handgrip. The correct forward grip is in front of the magazine support and behind the barrel shroud.
name=Kulsprutepistol m/45 (Kpist m/45)
type=Submachine gun
manufacturer= Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori
Maadi Factories, Egypt
Smith & Wesson (United States)
production_date=1945 to 1964 (Sweden)
1965 - 1970 (Egypt)
used_by= Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Indonesia, Ireland, South Vietnam. Sweden, United States
wars=Vietnam War
Congo Crisis
Israeli-Arab conflict
spec_type=Kpist m/45
part_length=212 mm
cartridge=9x19mm Parabellum
feed=36, 50 rounds
rate=600 round/min
velocity=420 m/s
weight=3.35 kg without magazine
length=550/808 mm
variants=m/45, m/45B, m/45C, m/45D, m/45S, Swedish K (with silencer), Port Said, Akaba,
number=approx. 300,000

"This article is about the submachinegun. For information on the electronic band, see Kpist (band)"

Kulsprutepistol m/45 (Kpist m/45) also known as the Carl Gustav M/45 or the Swedish K SMG, is a 9 mm Swedish sub machine gun adopted in 1945 (hence the designation m/45) at the Carl Gustaf G-F facility in the city of Eskilstuna by Swedish weapons designer Gunnar Johnsson. The m/45 was the official sub machine gun of the Swedish Army after World War II. The m/45 was also used by U.S Special Forces in the Vietnam War, these weapons were devoid of markings. In U.S service it was known as "K-Rifle" or "Swedish-K".

The m/45 was developed in 1944-45 lending and improving many design elements from earlier sub machine guns. The sheet metal stampings used in manufacturing the German MP40, the British Sten, the Soviet PPSh-41 and PPS-43 were studied in detail. A prototype version was ready for testing in 1944 and the first production version was adopted in 1945.


The m/45 is a fully automatic weapon. It weighs 3.9 kilograms and is 808 millimeters in length with stock extended and 550 mm when folded. It fires from an open bolt. Its relatively slow cyclic rate of fire and low recoil makes it easy to control during full automatic fire. It is accurate to 200 meters.

A special barrel for firing blank cartridges is available for the m/45. It should only be used with blanks and lower powered indoor (black bullet) ammunition. When firing blanks a blank firing adapter must be attached to the barrel. Other accessories include, night sights that clip on to the regular sights, a brass catcher to collect spent cartridges for reloading/recycling and a speed loader that can load a 36-round magazine in about six seconds.

The magazine is wider in the rear than the front; this allows the cartridges to move despite dust and sub-zero temperature conditions, making it very reliable. Magazines that have parallel sides are much more likely to jam under cold conditions. The same type of magazine is used by the Czech model 23 and model 25 and the French MAS.

An interesting difference between the m/45 and most modern self loading pistols and rifles is that it is carried with the bolt in a retracted position and an empty chamber. When the trigger is pulled, the bolt charges forward, pulls a cartridge from the magazine, chambers and fires it. This results in a lock time so long that the shooter actually notices the split second between the release of the sear and the discharge of the bullet.


* m/45 or m/45S - First production version. This version is equipped with a magazine support that can be detached by removing a clip. Can use the m/37-39 50-round magazine and the 36-round magazine. Most were converted over time by permanently attaching the magazine support with rivets. [ The submachine guns of Sweden.] Retrieved on March 17, 2008.]
* m/45B - General production version [ The submachine guns of Sweden.] Retrieved on March 17, 2008.]
* m/45C - The model designation refers to the barrel sleeve. The m/45C was used for parades and guard duty, the only difference from the standard m/45 being the barrel sleeve with a mounting point for a bayonet [ The submachine guns of Sweden.] Retrieved on March 17, 2008.]
* m/45D - Used by Swedish Police, has a selector for semi and full automatic fire. On some weapons the stock was modified to allow for use with a riot helmet with visor. [ The submachine guns of Sweden.] Retrieved on March 17, 2008.]


The Swedish armed forces have phased out the m/45 from inventory, small numbers may remain in use by some Swedish Home Guard units. Small numbers of the m/45D may also remain in Swedish Police armories. The m/45 has been manufactured under license in Egypt as the Port Said. Smith & Wesson in the USA also made an unlicensed copy of the gun under the name Smith & Wesson M76 [ [ World Guns' Smith & Wesson SW76.] Retrieved on March 17, 2008.] . The M76 was also manufactured by the MK Arms company as the MK-760.

The Irish Army used the M/45 during the Congo Crisis, the Lebanon Conflict and during the Troubles. It was popular in service, and was removed from service with the introduction of the Steyr AUG, which was short enough to perform the submachine gun role.

The m/45 was used in combat, like in Irish service, by Swedish UN troops during the Congo Crisis.

During the Vietnam War, the M/45 was used extensively by the US Navy SEALs, as it was very reliable and could fire close to immediately out of the water. The Navy grew so fond of the weapon, that so when Sweden halted weapons export to the United States in 1966, the American arms manufacturer Smith & Wesson were tasked with producing a near-identical copy of the M/45, designated the M76. Though by the time the M76 was ready for combat, most Navy direct-action missions had ceased in Asia. The m/45 was also used by Indonesia.

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