KGB (disambiguation)

KGB (disambiguation)

KGB may refer to:
* KGB, former Soviet intelligence agency
* State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus, known in Russian as KGB
* KGB (bar)
* Kingdom of Great Britain
* KGB-FM, radio station in San Diego, California, United States
* Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, American football player
* Koryeo Golden Box, Korean cargo delivery company
* Kalundborg Gymnastikforening og Boldklub, a Danish sports club.
* "Teddy KGB," character in the movie "Rounders"
* Kerb-Guided Bus, a type of a Guided bus.
* the IATA code for Kyrgz General Aviation, an airline in Kyrgyzstan
* "Killer Green Bud," a term for a certain strain of cannabis


* KGB Archiver, open-source software
* KGB (computer game)
* [ KGB Keylogger]


*KGB Trio, an improvised music group feat. Kim Cascone, Guido Henneböhl and Brendan Dougherty
* KGB, a rock band
* "KGB", a song by Kaizers Orchestra, appearing on the album Maestro

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