Pennsylvania Route 152

Pennsylvania Route 152

PA Route 152 marker

PA Route 152
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 25.1 mi[3] (40.4 km)
Existed: 1928[1][2] – present
Major junctions
South end: PA-309.svg PA 309 in Cheltenham Township
  PA-63.svg PA 63 in Horsham Township
US 202.svg US 202 in Chalfont
North end: PA-309.svg PA 309 near Telford
Counties: Bucks, Montgomery
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Pennsylvania Route 152 (abbreviated PA 152) is a 25 mile (40 km) long state highway located in the US state of Pennsylvania. The route, travels north–south from PA Route 309 located in Cedarbrook north to PA Route 309 located east of Telford.

PA 152 is unique to other Pennsylvania Highways because it ends at two interchanges on the same route. From a junction with PA Route 73 to Silverdale, a 21-mile (34 km) portion of PA 152 is known as Limekiln Pike. North of Silverdale, PA 152 runs opposite to its alignment leading up to the northern terminus at another interchange with PA 309.


Route description

Montgomery County

PA 152 northbound approacching split with Susquehanna Road in Dresher.

PA 152 begins at an interchange with PA Route 309 in Cedarbrook, located in Montgomery County about 3,000 feet (910 m) north of the Philadelphia city line. This interchange, formerly a complex web of ramps, was reconstructed with a simpler alignment in 2007. PA 152 begins as Easton Road on a north alignment, and then diverts left onto Limekiln Pike just before intersecting PA Route 73.

North of PA 73, PA 152 continues on a north alignment through the Philadelphia suburb of Cheltenham Township. In Upper Dublin Township, PA 152 passes under Interstate 276, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. North of I-276, the alignment of PA 152 begins to change to a north west alignment through the hamlet of Jarrettown before changing to a solid north alignment.

Then, PA 152 has several important junctions. The first junction is with Norristown Road, then with PA Route 63, and a final junction with Butler Pike. After all of these junctions, PA 152 intersects PA Route 463 in the hamlet of Prospectville. Then it continues on a north alignment as Limekiln Pike.

Bucks County

Upon entering Bucks County, the alignment of PA 152 begins to change more to the west. After entering the borough of Chalfont, the route instantly has a concurrency with U.S. Route 202. Later, PA 152 continues to the north west as Limekiln Pike through rural Bucks County. In the hamlet of Mount Pleasant, the route has wide turns before reaching Silverdale.

PA 152 enters Silverdale from the south as Limekiln Pike, then it has a short wrong-way concurrency with PA Route 113. Then, PA 152 enters the borough of Perkasie as Walnut Street. In Perkasie, the route changes its course to the south to become Constitution Avenue and Park Avenue. Then upon exiting Perkasie it turns to west to become State Road and terminate at another interchange with PA Route 309.[4][5]


PA 152 was originally a pathway known as the Limekiln Road built in 1693 to transport lime from kilns from Upper Dublin Township.[6]

In the original 1928 routing[1], PA 152 stretched from US 122 and PA 52 (now US 202) in Chalfont to the Stenton Avenue and Broad Street (US 611) intersection via Ogontz Avenue in the Oak Lane neighborhood of North Philadelphia. The segment within Perkasie known as Walnut Street, Construction Avenue, and Park Avenue was signed as PA 413 from South Perkasie Road to Main Street (then US 309). In 1930, the route was lengthened to PA 113 in Silverdale.[7][8]

In 1947, the northern terminus was moved to US 309 in Sellersville replacing the segment of PA 413. From the late 1940s to the mid 1950s, the southernmost segment on Easton Road from PA 309 to Arcadia University was signed as US 611 Alternate.[9][10]

By 1960, the southern terminus was moved to its current location.[11]

Major intersections

County Location Mile[3] Destinations Notes
Cheltenham Township 0.0 PA 309 (Fort Washington Expressway) Interchange.
0.2 PA 73 (Church Road)
Upper Dublin Township 6.8 PA 63 (Welsh Road)
Horsham Township 9.0 PA 463 (Horsham Road)
Chalfont 14.3 US 202 (Butler Avenue) Southern terminus of concurrency.
14.5 US 202 (Butler Avenue) Northern terminus of concurrency.
Silverdale 20.5 PA 113 (Main Street) Southern terminus of concurrency.
20.6 PA 113 (Main Street) Northern terminus of concurrency.
West Rockhill Township 25.1 PA 309 Interchange.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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