Lunt is a small village in the borough of Sefton in Merseyside, England, close to Sefton Village and to the west of Maghull and is in the L29 postcode.

The name derives from either the Old Norse word "Lundr" or the Old Swedish word "lunder", both meaning "grove" or "copse". This was likely a reference to the remnants of a large ancient forest that existed in the area at the time the settlement was founded. [citeweb|url=|title=Lunt: A place with a name, a name with a history|work=A. Farthing|date=1995 Retrieved 16 November 2007 ] The town was first documented in 1251 in the Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey, where it was referred to as "de Lund".citeweb|url=|title=Graffiti village name change plan|work=BBC|date=2008-04-09|accessdate=2008-04-09]


Residents are considering changing its name to tackle vandals who alter signs in the village. Roadsigns in Lunt have been repeatedly targeted by vandals who change the "L" to a "C". A similar situation has arisen in the Austrian town of Fucking, where the town sign has been repeatedly stolen. However, as in Fucking, certain residents have been reluctant towards a name change, perceiving it as an erosion of the town's heritage. A proposed revision of the name is Launt, which would be pronounced in the same way.


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