Spectrum (disambiguation)

Spectrum (disambiguation)

A spectrum is a condition or value that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum.

Spectrum may refer to:

In physical sciences:
* electromagnetic spectrum
** visible spectrum or optical spectrum, a subset of the electromagnetic spectrum
** emission spectrum observed in light
** absorption spectrum observed in light
** spectral class of stars in Stellar classification
** spectral class of asteroids
** spectral power distribution of an illuminant
* energy spectrum of a collection of particles (particle physics)
* frequency spectrum of a signal
* power spectrum of a signal
* timbre (spectrum of sound energy) of a musical note

In social and medical sciences:
* economic spectrum
* political spectrum of opinion
* spectrum disorder, in psychiatry

In mathematics:
* spectrum (homotopy theory)
* spectrum of a matrix, in linear algebra
* spectrum of an operator, in functional analysis (a generalisation of the spectrum of a matrix)
* spectrum of a ring, in commutative algebra
* spectrum of a C*-algebra
* spectrum of a theory, in mathematical logic
* Stone space of Boolean algebra

In media:
* "IEEE Spectrum", a magazine
* "NDSU Spectrum", the student newspaper of the North Dakota State University
* "Spectrum" (magazine), an independent Seventh-day Adventist magazine
* Spectrum (TV channel), a defunct Chicago-area pay television broadcaster founded by United Cable
* "The Spectrum" (USLS), the student newspaper of the University of St. La Salle in the Philippines

In popular music:
* Spectrum, a band headed by Peter Kember
* Spectrum (band), an Australian group of the 1970s led by Mike Rudd
* "Spectrum" (album), debut album of fusion drummer, Billy Cobham
* The Spectrum (Sirius), a music channel on Sirius Satellite Radio

* Spectrum (Montreal), a defunct concert venue and local landmark
* Spectrum London, UK, an art gallery
* Guildford Spectrum, a leisure complex in Guildford, England
* Smith Spectrum, a sports arena in Logan, Utah, U.S.A.
* Wachovia Spectrum, formerly "The Spectrum", a sports arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Spectrum may also refer to:
* Spectrum (racing car), a series of Australian open wheel racing cars manufactured by Borland Racing Developments
* Spectrum Range, a mountain range in British Columbia, Canada
* Gaylactic Spectrum Awards or Spectrums, a literary award
* Het Spectrum, a Dutch publishing company
* Sinclair ZX Spectrum, an early British home computer

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