Logrians are an alien race in "The History of the Galaxy" series of novels by Russian science fiction writer Andrey Livadny.

The first encounter between humans and Logrians occurred when human colonists ended up in a strange nebulous areas of space filled with resource-rich asteroids. As it turned out, a Logrian space habitat was also present in the region; however, the frightened humans attacked and destroyed it, killing most of the inhabitants. Few Logrians survived. Those who did, ended up either being enslaved by the Ganio pirates, who arrived later, or working with humans who were not as xenophobic as their brethren. Physically, the Logrians each have two heads, while the rest of their body does not appear to match anything found previously by humans. They are referred to as "xenomorphs" in the novels; however, this may be misleading to some who associate the term with an alien creature that is capable of altering its shape (e.g. Xenomorphs from the "Alien" series).

Known Facts

Millions of years ago, the Logrian race flourished in the region of space currently known as the Sleeve of Emptiness. They peacefully coexisted with the neighboring Insects and were, presumably, aware of the aquatic Delphons. Unlike the other known sentient races of the galaxy, the Logrians preferred not to live on planets (which is not to say they did not). Instead, they built massive space habitats and shaped their environment to their choosing.

Their interstellar expansion and exploration was slow, because their Hypersphere travel was done through static Hypergates. However, in order to get to a new system, such a gate would first have to be taken there at sublight speeds, which, usually, takes years. They attempted to change this by sending a planet to the 10th level of Hypersphere and setting up a base there (events mentioned in the novel "The Dream of the Mind"). To this end, they collaborated with the Insects on this monumental undertaking. After several failed attempts, they finally succeeded sending an intact planet through. A base was set up on the planet at the center of Hypersphere. However, contact with "normal space" was severed during the events of the Forerunner crisis. Eventually, the Logrians and Insects stranded on the planet were killed off by the humans who ended up "sucked-in" by the Hypersphere.

One of their greatest inventions were the "logrs" - small jewel-like computers/data storage units, which could operate both independendly or with others. Each logr was capable of containing massive amounts of information. In fact, its primary use was to preserve the encoded consciousness of a deceased Logrian. Most logrs were combined to form the most advanced computing device ever created - the Logris.

About 3 million years ago, the Logrians detected a swarm of proto-matter creatured moving towards their area of space, eating all matter in their path. Face with certain destruction, the Logrians abandoned their Hypersphere experiments and dismantled the Logris. They left their space along with the Insects in an attempt to outrun the swarm. Their flight led them to the area of space inhabitted by the Harammins - blue-skinned humanoids, who agreed to let the two races stay in their space in exchange for technology and a subservient status. In order to protect their new home, the Logrians devised a series of gravity distorters and placed them around the Harammin space, which, basically, hid everything in it from outside eye. It is known that, at least, one Logrian group travelled farther away from the threat.

Eventually, the Harammins enslaved the Logrians the Insects, forbidding them from ever seeking to discover their origins, and using their technology to keep themselves living in luxury. In fact, through some of these inventions, they Harammins managed to make their bodies stop aging.

After the Seven Day War between the Harammins and the humans, the Logrians found themselves once again a free people. Rediscovering their roots, they joined the restored Confederacy of Suns along with the Insects, giving humans their reactivated Logris to replace the destroyed main hub of the Interstar network.

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