Susan Brownmiller

Susan Brownmiller

Susan Brownmiller (b. February 15, 1935) is a radical feminist, journalist, and activist. She is best known for her pioneering work on the politics of rape in her 1975 book "" [ ] Brownmiller argues that rape had been hitherto defined by men rather than women; and that men use, and all men benefit from the use of, rape as a means of perpetuating male dominance by keeping all women in a state of fear. Brownmiller also participated in civil rights activism, joining CORE during the sit-in movement and volunteering for Freedom Summer in 1964, where she worked on voter registration in Meridian, Mississippi. Returning to New York, she began writing for The Village Voice and became a network TV newswriter at the American Broadcasting Company, a job she held until 1968. She first became involved in the Women's Liberation Movement in New York City in 1968, by joining a consciousness-raising group in the newly-formed New York Radical Women organization. Brownmiller went on to co-ordinate a [ sit-in against Ladies' Home Journal] in 1970, began work on "Against Our Will" after a New York Radical Feminists speak-out on rape in 1971, and co-founded Women Against Pornography in 1979. She continues to write and speak on feminist issues, including a recent memoir and history of Second Wave radical feminism. [ "In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution"] (1999).

As of 2005, she is an Adjunct Professor of Women's & Gender Studies at Pace University in New York City, []


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* [ Susan An Informal Bio]
* [ In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution] (ISBN 0-449-90820-8)

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