Sens is a town and commune of France, in the Yonne "département", of which it is a "sous-préfecture", in the Bourgogne "région". It is crossed by the Yonne and the Vanne, which empties into the Yonne here.


Caesar mentions Agedincum in the territory of the Senones [The manuscripts of the "Gallic War" also give varied readings of "Agendicum" and "Agetincum" (William Smith, ed. "A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography"); the gilded statue of "Brennus" ("leader") surmounts the "hôtel de ville".] several times in his "Commentarii de Bello Gallico", and the city retains the skeleton of its Roman street-plan. [Its Cardo (rue de la République) and Decumanus Maximus (Grande Rue) still meet at near right angles.] The site was referred to by Ammianus Marcellinus as "Senones" ("oppidum Senonas") but it did not become an administrative center until after the reorganization of the Roman Empire in 375, when it was the chief town of Lugdunensis Quarta.

During the Middle Ages, its archbishops [The bishop of Sens perhaps became an archbishop as early as the mid-fifth century, but the cult of the traditional founders Savinian and Potentian, not mentioned by Gregory of Tours, did not appear until the eighth century, when they were added to the local recension of the Seventy Apostles. ( [ "Catholic Encyclopedia": Sens] ).] held the prestigious role of Primates of Gaul and Germany. The Hôtel de Sens in Paris was their official residence in that city. Starting from 1135, the cathedral of Sens, dedicated to Saint Stephen, was rebuilt as one of the first Gothic cathedrals; there, in 1234 Louis IX of France celebrated his wedding to Marguerite of Provence. Sens witnessed the trial of Peter Abelard, Pope Alexander III sojourned for some time in the city, and there also Thomas Becket spent part of his exile.

Sens lived troublesome times during the Wars of Religion.

Main sights

*The Cathedral, one of the first Gothic edifices in France.
*Archbishops' Palace.
*Church of St. Maurice.
*House of Abraham.


Sens is the chief-town of the arrondissement of Sens.


It is the presumed birthplace of the 12th-century architect William of Sens.

Twin towns

*flagicon|ENG Chester, England
*flagicon|DEU Lörrach, Germany
*flagicon|ITA Senigallia, Italy
*flagicon|UKR Vyshhorod, Ukraine

ee also

* Senones
* St. Columba of Sens
*Archdiocese of Sens


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