River Rib

River Rib

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name = Rib

map_size =
map_caption = River Rib before it joins the River Lea
other_name =
other_name1 =
country = United Kingdom
country1 =
region =
region1 =
city =
city1 =
length = 30.7
length_imperial =
watershed =
watershed_imperial =
discharge_location =
discharge_average =
discharge_average_imperial =
discharge_max_month =
discharge_max =
discharge_max_imperial =
discharge_min_month =
discharge_min =
discharge_min_imperial =
discharge1_location =
discharge1_average =
discharge1_average_imperial =
discharge2_location =
discharge2_average =
discharge2_average_imperial =
discharge3_location =
discharge3_average =
discharge3_average_imperial =
discharge4_location =
discharge4_average =
discharge4_average_imperial =

source_name =
source_location = Buckland Nr. Buntingford, Hertfordshire
source_region =
source_country =
source_country1 =
source_elevation = 130
source_elevation_imperial =
source_lat_d =
source_lat_m =
source_lat_s =
source_lat_NS =
source_long_d =
source_long_m =
source_long_s =
source_long_EW =
mouth_name =
mouth_location = Hertford, Hertfordshire into River Lea
mouth_country =
mouth_region =
mouth_country1 =
mouth_elevation =
mouth_elevation_imperial =
mouth_lat_d =
mouth_lat_m =
mouth_lat_s =
mouth_lat_NS =
mouth_long_d =
mouth_long_m =
mouth_long_s =
mouth_long_EW =
tributary_left =
tributary_left1 =
tributary_right =
tributary_right1 =

image_size =
image_caption = Rib Valley near Bengeo

The River Rib originates near the East Hertfordshire village of Buckland and runs parallel with the A10 through Buntingford, Westmill, Braughing, Puckeridge and Standon until it reaches it's confluence with the River Lea near Hertford.

It has frequent floods due to heavy rain in the autumn. It was used as the main water supply in Buntingford and the surrounding areas before a pump was installed.

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