Nansi Richards

Nansi Richards

Nansi Richards Jones (14 May 1888 – 21 December 1979) of Penybontfawr, Oswestry, was a Welsh harpist, sometimes known as the “Queen of the Harp”.[1]

An expert on both the triple and pedal harps, she always maintained that the greatest influences on her life were her father, the Gypsies who stayed on their farm, and Tom Lloyd, Telynor Ceiriog, who taught her to play the harp.

She won the eisteddfod harp competition three times in succession, and played several times for the royal family. She was appointed official harpist to Charles, Prince of Wales; after her death at the age of 91, the appointment was unfilled until 2000.

There is now an annual Nansi Richards Harp [Scholarship] competition for young harpists.[2]

On one of Richards' overseas trips, she visited the home of corn flakes manufacturer Will Kellogg, who was looking for a marketing idea. Richards suggested the cockerel (later named Cornelius Rooster), inspired by a pun on the name Kellogg and the Welsh word "ceiliog", meaning "cockerel".[3]


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