American Renaissance (magazine)

American Renaissance (magazine)

: "For the magazine about renaissance faires, see Renaissance Magazine"American Renaissance (abbreviated AR or AmRen) is a monthly racialist magazine published by the New Century Foundation. [] The magazine's founder Jared Taylor has been called a white separatist. [" [ Racial Renaissance Meeting draws racists, pseudo-intellectuals] " by Southern Poverty Law Center]

The magazine and foundation were founded by Jared Taylor, and the first issue was published in November 1990. A main theme of the magazine is a claim that non-white minorities pose a demographic threat to the United States and other Western nations.Fact|date=October 2008 The magazine argues that the United States' major social problems are due to racial diversity and a weakening of the country's white racial heritage by increased non-white immigration.

In the first several years of the magazine's publication, it sought to maintain a mainstream paleoconservative tone. Instead of explicit racism, AmRen tried to form common ground with conservatives and libertarians by merely opposing affirmative action, quotas, and perceived property rights violations stemming from Civil Rights laws. It garnered praise from many mainstream conservative media outlets, including the National Review and The Wall Street Journal. [] According to the ADL, the publication was able to maintain credibility by expressing racism only through a coded, academic veil.Fact|date=October 2008

The magazine's arguments are usually explained using social science and genetics, but some issues of AR have featured theological arguments. One argument has been that interracial and inter-cultural marriage is racial suicide and an unequal yoking, and that such unions "go against the very community which marriage is designed to establish." [ [ Jared Taylor, a racist in the guise of 'expert'] ] The magazine and foundation promote the view that differences in educational outcomes and per capita incomes between racial populations can be attributed at least in part to differences in intelligence between races. Such as resulted in accusations of white supremacy due to its notions of racial segregation.

American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation are alleged to have had links with far right, neo-fascist and racist organizations and individuals such as: the Council of Conservative Citizens, the Pioneer Fund, the British National Party, Don Black and David Duke. [ [ American Renaissance] ] [ [ Jared Taylor, a racist in the guise of 'expert'] ] The organization has held bi-annual conferences that are open to the public and that attract 200 - 300 people. Critics say that some of those who attend are neo-Nazis, white nationalists, white separatists, Ku Klux Klan members, Holocaust deniers and eugenicists (as well as numerous protestors). [ [ Weird Science ] ] Taylor has written that the magazine welcomes Jews as writers and conference speakers. [ [ American Renaissance News: Jews and American Renaissance] ] Contributors to the magazine and conferences have included Stephen Webster, Michael Levin, Nick Griffin, Bruno Gollnisch, J. Philippe Rushton, Ian Jobling, Glenn Spencer, Lawrence Auster, Richard Lynn, Sam Dickson, and Samuel Francis. It is, nevertheless, sometimes conceded weasel-inline that these movements can attract and rouse an unhelpful following that voice subtly antisemitic sentiments; some of which the magazine publishes. For instance:

"Sir — I read with interest Jared Taylor’s article, “Jews and American Renaissance,” in the May 2006 issue. I understand and respect his point of view, but it does not take a “blasted Nazi” to know what certain Jews and groups of Jews, using their enormous influence and power, have done to this country over the last 100 years. They played leading roles in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, and they were in the forefront of efforts to pass the Immigration Act of 1965 — the nightmarish demographic results of which we are now experiencing... I would oppose a blanket condemnation of all Jews, but we must be knowledgeable, alert and careful with regard to these people." - John W. Altman(Vol. 17, No. 7, July 2006)

According to the Anti-Defamation League [ [ ADL file on New Century Foundation and American Renaissance Magazine] ] , "The New Century Foundation - known primarily by the name of its publication, American Renaissance -- promotes 'genteel' racism: pseudoscientific, questionably researched and argued articles that validate the genetic and moral inferiority of nonwhites and the need for racial 'purity.' Generally avoiding overt bigotry and stereotyping, many of North America's leading intellectual racists have written for the journal or have addressed the biannual American Renaissance conferences."

Notable contributors and speakers

* Lawrence Auster
* Michael Berman
* Frank Ellis
* Jon Entine
* Guillaume Faye
* Samuel Francis
* Paul Fromm
* Bruno Gollnisch
* Paul Gottfried
* Nick Griffin
* Michael H. Hart
* Ian Jobling
* Joel T. LeFevre
* Michael Levin
* Richard McCulloch
* Roger McGrath
* Ashley Mote
* Fred Reed
* J. Philippe Rushton
* Mayer Schiller
* Joseph Sobran
* Donald I Templer
* Jared Taylor
* Michael Walker
* Robert Weissberg

ee also

* Antisemitism
* Biological determinism
* Eugenics
* Kevin B. MacDonald
* Paleoconservatism
* Pioneer Fund
* Racial realism
* Right-wing politics
* Scientific racism
* White nationalism


Further reading

*citation| title=A Convocation of Bigots: The 1998 "American Renaissance" Conference |journal=The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education|issue= 21 |date=Autumn, 1998 |year=1998 |pages= 120-124 |url= |accessdate=2008-05-22. (JSTOR subscription required for online access.)

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ "Weird Science"] January 30, 2005 by Dennis Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Critical account of an AmRen conference.
* [ Anti-Defamation League file on American Renaissance]
* [ "Jared Taylor, a racist in the guise of 'expert'"] , Sunday, January 23, 2005, by Dennis Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Details connections between racist organizations and individuals such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, the British National Party, Don Black, and David Duke.
* [ Searchlight report on the 2006 American Renaissance conference]
* [] Article summarizing many of the views of American Renaissance from an AmRen conference.

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