The term wild generally refers to:
* Wildlife, all non-domesticated plants, animals, and other organisms
* Wilderness or Wilderness area, a natural environment on Earth
* Wildness, the quality of being wild or untamed

Wild may also refer to:
* Wild (surname)
* Wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD), used to facilitate the occurrence of lucid dreaming
* WILD GmbH & Co. KG, a German company which produces natural ingredients for food products
* "", a computer game expansion pack
* Wild Instinct a children's program

The Wild or The Wilds may refer to:
* "The Wild", a Disney 3D animation film
* "The Wild" (novel), a novel by Whitley Strieber
* "The Wild" (novel), a science fiction novel by David Zindell
* The Wilds, a wildlife conservation center in Muskingum County, Ohio.
* The Wilds, a fictional location in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.
* Minnesota Wild, a U.S. National Hockey League team often referred to as simply "the Wild"
* The Wilds Christian Association, an organization that operates "The Wilds Christian Camp/Conference Center" in Brevard, NC.

In music:
* WILD or Walk In Lay Down, a biannual concert event at Washington University in St. Louis
* Wild (band), a five-piece classical female group
* "Wild" (single), a song by Poe on her album "Haunted"
* "Wild Dances", an album , single and song by Ruslana

IN radio broadcasting:
* WILD (AM), an AM station in the Boston radio market
* WILD-FM, the former callsign of an FM station in the Boston radio market, originally WBET-FM, now WKAF
* WYLD (AM), an AM station in the New Orleans radio market
* WYLD-FM, an FM station in the New Orleans radio market
* WiLD station branding (later trademarked by Clear Channel Communications):
** KYLD in San Francisco
** WLLD in Tampa-St. Petersburg

ee also

* Wilde
* Wyld
* Feral child (children raised in the wild)

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