Machu Picchu Base

Machu Picchu Base

The Machu Picchu Scientific Base is a scientific Peruvian research facility established in Antarctica, sponsored by the Peruvian government. The aim of this facility is to conduct Antarctic research on geology, climatology and biology. More specifically, its purpose is to study the continent's geological past, potential sea resources, wind strengths, air pollution, and the animal adaptation in a freezing environment. The base is named after the World Heritage site Machu Picchu.

cientific base and expeditions

Peru annually sends scientific expeditions to Antarctica. The Peruvian Antarctic Institute (INANPE) is responsible for the base, which is located on King George Island, in "Admiralty Bay".

Many scientific projects have been developed, such as investigations about the krill and its possibilities as an alternative food. Also there have been geological, biological, hydrographic and geophysics projects, according to the Antarctic Treaty System. The equipment installed includes radar to measure the winds at the highest atmosphere layer; with this data scientists research ozone depletion.

Antarctic Treaty

Peru signed the Antarctic Treaty as a consultive member on April 10th, 1981, at the XI Consultive meeting at Buenos Aires. At that meeting, Peru reserves their rights to claim territory on the Antarctic continent. Peru is especially interested in an untouched Antarctic environment because of possible impacts on the Humboldt Current.

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