Alberta general election, 2001

Alberta general election, 2001

The Alberta general election of 2001 was the twenty-fifth general election for the Province of Alberta, Canada. It was held on March 12 2001 to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

The incumbent Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, led by Ralph Klein, won a strong majority for its tenth consecutive term in government. In addition to increasing its share of the popular vote to almost 62%, the PC Party won a majority of seats in Edmonton for the first time since 1982.

The Liberal Party lost 11 seats and ran up a large debt. Its leader, Nancy MacBeth, was defeated in her riding.

The New Democratic Party, led by Raj Pannu, hoped to make gains at the expense of the Liberals in Edmonton and replace them as the official opposition. This did not materialize, but the party did manage to maintain its share of the popular vote and its two seats in the legislature. The NDs attempted to attract young voters with the slogan, "Raj against the Machine".

The right-wing Alberta First Party, contesting its first election, failed to win any seats or come close. The Social Credit Party, led by James Albers, was unable to build on its moderate success in the 1997 election, and sank back into obscurity.



* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.

x - less than 0.005% of the popular vote.

Members elected

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*List of Alberta political parties

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