Southpaw (comics)

Southpaw (comics)


caption=Southpaw threatens to kill Namorita as Night Thrasher sneaks up behind her. Art from "She-Hulk" #5, by Paul Pelletier.
real_name=Sasha Martin
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="She-Hulk" #5 (Jul 2004)
creators=Dan Slott
Paul Pelletier

Southpaw is a fictional character that first appeared in the Marvel comic "She-Hulk". She is Holden Holliway's granddaughter and in the custody of She-Hulk (and if She-Hulk becomes Jennifer Walters, then Awesome Andy).

She is incredibly powerful because of a gauntlet she wears that cannot be removed. She has a short temper and will often act without thinking (i.e., destroying her high school because they brought back school uniforms, or attacking the Champion because he took her piece of fruit from her). She can use the gauntlet to project energy hands that mimic what her hand inside the gauntlet is doing (however, she once grabbed Namorita with an energy fist while holding her hand out flat). These hands are powerful enough to restrain She-Hulk temporarily (although, whether She-Hulk was really restrained is questionable, seeing as she subsequently, and playfully, played "This Little Piggy" with the energy hands fingers; this forced Southpaw's fingers open and caused Southpaw great discomfort). The energy hand was certainly strong enough to twist Ironclad's arm. She uses the hands as her main attack method, mainly by grabbing an opponent. She can also perform feats of class 100 strength, but only with her left hand.

She first appeared in "She-Hulk" #5 attacking the New Warriors (who were trying to stop her from stealing CDs) sending Nova flying into a building and grabbing Namorita. She was later subdued by Night Thrasher and was taken to the Big House. The Mad Thinker told her to aid them in an escape. They shrank down and stowed away on She-Hulk's hand when the miniature villains escaped. She aided Yellowjacket in subduing the U-Foes after they threatened to kill Holliway. She was later taken with She-Hulk to Skardon to aid the Magistrati in dethroning Champion and unnwittingly gave She-Hulk the answer to defeat the Champion.

Future Southpaw


In a possible future detailed in "She-Hulk" Southpaw becomes a lawyer and an active superheroine (inspired by The Gauntlet and complete with a partner/sidekick, Kid Glove) and eventually gets recruited from fifteen years in the future to act as She-Hulk's lawyer when the Time Variance Authority attempts to remove her from the timeline.


In Bishop's future someone named Southpaw worked with Hancock in the Summers Rebellion. Whether or not this is the same Southpaw is unknown; however, given Hancock's age and the fact this future is portrayed as only 70 years in the Marvel Universe's future, it is possible that it is the same Southpaw.

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