Global Greens

Global Greens

The Global Greens is a global network of Green parties and political movements. It was founded in 2001 in Canberra, Australia at the First Global Greens CongressFact|date=July 2008, where the Global Green Charter was approved [ [ Global Greens Charter - 2001] ] .

The Global Greens has a 12-member steering committee called the Global Green Coordination [ [ Global Greens Coordination] ] and a network of members called the Global Greens Network [ [ Global Green Network] ] .

Member parties

The Global Green Network brings together Green parties and interested individuals from Africa, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. Its member parties (as of October 2005, [ source] ) are:

* Africa
** Benin: Les Verts du Bénin
** Burkina Faso: Rassemblement des écologistes du Burkina Faso
** Cameroun: Defense de l'Environment Camerounais (DEC)
** Côte d'Ivoire: Parti pour la protection de l'environnement
** Guinea: Parti des écologistes Guinéens
** Guinea-Bissau: Liga Guineense de Protecçao Ecologica
** Kenya: Mazingira Green Party of Kenya
** Mali: Parti Ecologiste du Mali
** Mauritius: Movement Republicain - the Green Way
** Morocco: Les Verts
** Niger: Rassemblement pour un Sahel Vert
** Nigeria: Green Party of Nigeria
** Senegal: Les Verts (Senegal)
** Somalia: Somalia Green Party
** South Africa: Green Party of South Africa

* The Americas
** Brazil: Partido Verde do Brasil
** Canada: Green Party of Canada/Parti Vert du Canada
** Chile: Green Party of Chile
** Colombia: Green Party of Colombia Option Center
** Colombia: Partido Verde Oxigeno
** Dominican Republic: Partido Verde Dominicano
** Mexico: Partido Verde Ecologista de México
** Nicaragua: Partido Verde Ecologista de Nicaragua
** Peru: Partido Ecologista Alternativa Verde del Peru
** United States: Green Party of the United States
** Uruguay: Partido del Sol
** Venezuela: Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela

* Asia-Pacific region
** Australia: Australian Greens
** Japan: Rainbow and Greens
** Mongolia: Mongolyn Nogoon Nam
** Nepal: Green Nepal Party
** New Caledonia: Verts en Nouvelle-Calédonie
** New Zealand: Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
** Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea Green Party
** Pakistan: Green Party of Pakistan
** Philippines: Green Party of the Philippines
** Polynesia: Heiura Les Verts Polynésiens
** South Korea: Korea Greens
** Sri Lanka: Green Movement of Sri Lanka
** Taiwan: Green Party Taiwan
** Vanuatu: La Confédération des Verts du Vanuatu

* Europe
** Austria: Die Grünen
** Belgium: Groen!
** Belgium: Ecolo
** Bulgaria: Zelena Partija
** Cyprus: Kinima Oikologoi Perivallontistoi
** Czech Republic: Strana Zelenych
** Denmark: De Grønne
** Estonia: Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised
** Finland: Vihreät
** France: Les Verts
** Georgia: Georgia Greens
** Germany: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
** Greece: Ecologoi-Prasinoi
** Hungary: Zöld Demokraták
** Ireland: Green Party / Comhaontas Glas
** Italy: Federazione dei Verdi
** Latvia: Latvijas Zala Partija
** Luxembourg: Déi Gréng
** Malta: Alternattiva Demokratika
** Netherlands: De Groenen
** Netherlands: Groenlinks
** Norway: Miljøpartiet De Grønne
** Poland: Zieloni 2004
** Portugal: Os Verdes
** Romania: Partidul Verde
** Russia: Zelyonaya Alternativa
** Slovakia: Strana Zelenych na Slovensku
** Spain: Confederatión de Los Verdes
** Sweden: Miljöpartiet de Gröna
** Switzerland: Grüne / Les Verts
** Ukraine: Partija Zelenych Ukrajiny
** United Kingdom: Green Party of England and Wales / Scottish Green Party

The Global Green Networks cooperates with the four continental Green Federations:

* Federation of Green Parties of Africa
* Federation of Green Parties of the Americas
* Asia-Pacific Green Network
* European Federation of Green Parties

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* [ Global Greens website]
* [ Global Greens Charter]

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