Safe Sync

Safe Sync

Safe Sync (safe voltage syncs adapter) is an adapter for linking a digital camera to an external flash. It was designed for use with digital cameras that have a hot shoe on top of the camera body or have a PC connection terminal on the camera body. Almost all digital cameras cannot accept a high sync voltage from an external flash or hot shoe mounted flash connected to the digital camera. The safe voltage sync adapter lowers the sync voltage used by the external camera flash to a level that is safe for digital cameras.

Why use external flash units

Flashes that are built into most digital cameras do not produce enough light to be useful more than 5 – 10 feet from camera to subject. Subjects beyond these limits are usually underexposed. For proper exposure, an external flash unit with a higher light output is often needed. Also, the photographer may choose to apply light to his or her subject from a different direction or from many directions at once, as in the case of a studio lighting set-up. The voltage required by the trigger circuitry of such flash units may be considerably greater than what the camera can supply. The risk is therefore either a failure of the flash unit to work properly with the camera or damage to the camera itself.

If an external flash attachment manufactured by the same company that manufactured the camera is used, and recommended for use with that particular camera, there are usually no problems. Using a flash from another company can cause trouble and costly repair bills.

Many external hot shoe mounted flash units and studio flash units use a high flash sync voltage, which can damage a digital camera. The damage may cost several hundred dollars to repair. The answer to this problem is to use a safe voltage sync adapter to connect the external flash unit to the camera. The adapter is much less expensive than repairs, a safe guard, and will save the loss of being able to use your camera; be it in a studio, shooting news photos, or on your vacation.

There are only a handful of companies that manufacture this type of adapter. [ [] ] [ [] ] [ [] ] Some work with all cameras that have a standard ISO hot shoe. Others are connected in-line with a flash sync cord, and some are made for specific cameras (for example Sony, Minolta, and Dynax propriety hot shoes). Most adapters (unless custom made) do not carry a dedicated flash or TTL connection. The automatic exposure of the external flash, if it has that option, must set the proper light output, or the user can calculate manual camera settings.

A standard film camera, such as most SLR cameras, can also benefit using this type of adapter. Depending on the external flash being used, film camera flash sync contacts on the shutter of the camera will in time suffer damage from high sync voltage.

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