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isotope_name = Thorium-230
isotope_filename =
alternate_names =
mass_number = 230
symbol = Th
num_neutrons = 140
num_protons = 90
abundance =
halflife = 75 380 a
error_halflife =
parent =
parent_mass = 234
parent_symbol = U
decay_product =
decay_mass = 226
decay_symbol = Ra
mass = 230.0331338
spin =
excess_energy =
error1 =
binding_energy =
error2 =
decay_mode1 = Alpha decay
decay_energy1 = 4.77
decay_mode2 =
decay_energy2 =
decay_mode3 =
decay_energy3 =
decay_mode4 =
decay_energy4 =

Thorium-230 (230Th) is a radioactive isotope of thorium which can be used to date corals and determine ocean current flux. Ionium was a name given early in the study of radioactive elements to the 230Th isotope produced in the decay chain of 238U before it was realized that ionium and thorium are chemically identical. The symbol Io was used for this supposed element.

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