Caittil Find

Caittil Find

Caittil Find (Old Irish), meaning "Kettil the Fair" [Smyth, Alfred P., "Scandinavian Kings In The British Isles 850-880", p.116] or "Ketil the White", was a leader of a contingent of Gall-Gaedhil, a mixture of Norse and Gaelic warriors who populated the Hebrides and Northern Isles of Scotland during the Viking Age.

In 857 Caittil Find appears in Irish sources as being defeated in battle in Munster, Ireland.

"Victory by Ivar and Olave over Caittil the White, with his Gallgael, in the lands of Munster".The Iona Club, Collectanea De Rebus Albanicis., p.256-257]

The Annals of Ulster record the victors in the encounter as Imar and Amlaiph, who are thought to be identical to the Ívarr inn beinlausi "Ivar the Boneless" and Óláfr inn hvíti "Olaf the White" [Smyth, Alfred P., "Scandinavian Kings In The British Isles 850-880", p.101-117] of Scandinavian sources, who ruled Dublin in the second half of the ninth century.

Caittil Find may well have been Ketil flatnefr "Ketil Flatnose", a prominent Norse sea-king who had strong associations with the Hebrides of Scotland and Óláfr inn hvíti. [Smyth, Alfred P., "Scandinavian Kings In The British Isles 850-880", p.116-126] [Robertson, Eben William, "Scotland Under Her Early Kings: A History of the Kingdom To The Close Of The Thirteenth Century.", Vol.1., p.44]



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