The Mystery at Lilac Inn

The Mystery at Lilac Inn

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"The Mystery At Lilac Inn", is the fourth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was first published in 1931, under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. Mildred Wirt Benson was the ghostwriter for the 1931 edition. In 1961, the book was reissued as a completely different story.

Plot summary

The 1931 story involves Nancy Drew helping her friend Emily Crandall find out who stole her jewels. Emily's guardian aunt unwisely removes them from a safe deposit box, and carries them with her while lunching at Lilac Inn, only to have her handbag stolen while the diners are distracted by actions outside the windows. In the meantime, Nancy must hire a temporary maid in the absence of Mrs. Gruen, her housekeeper. Nancy uncovers the thief, Mary Mason, one of the applicants for the position of maid. She then tracks Mary Mason to a gang, which includes Mary's brother, Bud. Nancy is bound and left aboard the gang's sinking cabin cruiser to die, but is rescued by the river patrol. In the end, Nancy captures the jewel thief, exonerates the guardian, and returns her orphaned friend's fortune to her.

In the 1961 revision, Nancy and Helen Corning (soon-to-be Mrs. Jim Archer) stay at historic Lilac Inn. The historic building and grounds are being modernized into a local resort spot by their friend, owner Emily Crandall. Strange happenings and hauntings occur, which threaten to spoil the opening. Nancy discovers she has a wicked double, who is stealing items at River Heights stores, and who has misappropriated Nancy's charge cards. Emily's diamonds are stolen and replaced with fakes during a dramatic evening dinner party at the Inn, and it is up to Nancy to tie together her mysterious evil twin, the haunting, and an evil ex-felon her father prosecuted for forgery. Explosions and underwater attacks further delay progress in the case, as well as the suspicious actions of a new social director at the resort. Adding to the problem, a mysterious "shark" is seen in the nearby Muskoka river. Nancy's solution captures not only the criminals, but unmasks her evil twin and an international espionage operation in her own backyard!

About the editions

The 1930 version was the first Nancy Drew volume that creator Edward Stratemeyer did not live to proofread prior to his death. The book was printed with a dust jacket and four glossy illustrations, all by artist Russell H. Tandy. In 1950, the cover art was updated with work by artist Bill Gillies. The text was completely rewritten by series owner Harriet Stratemeyer Adams in 1961. The cover art was changed again to reflect the new story, this time, by artist Rudy Nappi, and internal plain paper illustrations were added. Only the first two printings of this volume are available in a dust jacket. The book's text and artwork remained the same when the publisher switched to picture cover illustrated binding editions in 1962.


*The 1961 cover art appears to feature both Nancy, facing, and a mysterious dark-haired girl. Nancy actually has her back to the reader, and is the dark-haired girl in the foreground; the other girl is actually Nancy's evil "twin".

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