Måløv station

Måløv station

Måløv station is a station in Måløv on the Frederikssund radial of the S-train network in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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toward Farum

Måløv station is one of the stations on Frederikssundbanen, which was build by Det sjællandske Jernbaneselskab and opened 15 July, 1879 between Frederikssund and Frederiksberg. The railroad became electrified in 1989 and the traffic was transferred to the S-train network. In 2002 the railroad became double tracked in its whole length.

The station building is also from 1879 when 3 stations were built according to the same plan, Herlev station, Måløv station and Veksø station.

Coordinates: 55°44′51″N 12°19′03″E / 55.7475°N 12.3175°E / 55.7475; 12.3175

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