Shaded-pole motor

Shaded-pole motor

A shaded-pole motor is a type of AC single-phase induction motor. As in other induction motors the rotating part is a squirrel-cage rotor. All single-phase motors require a means of producing a rotating magnetic field for starting. In the shaded-pole type, a part of the face of each field pole carries a copper ring called a shading coil. Currents in this coil delay the phase of magnetic flux in that part of the pole enough to provide a rotating field. The effect produces only a low starting torque compared to other classes of single-phase motors.

These motors have only one winding, no capacitor nor starting switch, making them economical and reliable. Because their starting torque is low they are best suited to driving fans or other loads that are easily started. Moreover, they are compatible with triac-based variable-speed controls, which often are used with fans. They are built in power sizes up to about 1/6 hp or 125 watts output. For larger motors, other designs offer better characteristics.

The first photo is of a common C-frame motor. With the shading coils positioned as shown, this motor will start in a clockwise direction as viewed from the long shaft end. The second photo shows detail of the shading coils.

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