Transport in Equatorial Guinea

Transport in Equatorial Guinea

This article lists transport in Equatorial Guinea.


There are no railways in Equatorial Guineacite web | title = Equatorial Guinea: Transportation | url = | accessdate = 2007-05-02] .


* [$File/govfr_REF_gnq210206.pdf?OpenElement]


Equatorial Guinea's roads and highways are underdeveloped, but improving. During the rainy season, roads are frequently impassable without four-wheel drive vehicles [cite web | title = Equatorial Guinea | url = | accessdate = 2007-05-02] .

Ports and harbors

: Bata, Luba, Malabo

Merchant marine

"total:"1 ship (GRT|1,000|metric|first=yes or over) totaling GRT|1,745|metric/DWT|3,434|metric|first=yes
"ships by type:"
cargo ship 1


There are six airports in Equatorial Guinea. Its main airport is Malabo International Airport in Punta Europa, Bioko Island. International flights operate from here to Nigeria, Gabon, Benin, Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Mainland Equatorial Guinea is served by Bata Airport, north of Bata, which has domestic air services to Malabo. These two airports, along with three smaller airstrips, have the only paved runways in the country. One other airport has an unpaved runway.

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