List of radio stations in Finland

List of radio stations in Finland

=YLE stations=

Stations operated by Yleisradio, the national public broadcasting company:

*YLE Radio 1
*YLE Radio Suomi
*YLE Radio Peili
*Ylen Klassinen
*YLE Radio Vega (Swedish language radio station; see Finlands Svenska Radio)
*YLE Radio X3M (Swedish language youth channel)
*YLE Multifoorumi
* Capital FM
*Radio Finland


*Classic FM
*Groove FM
*The Voice
*NRJ Finland
*Radio City
*Radio Dei
*Radio Helsinki
*Radio Jyväskylä
*Radio Kajaus
*Radio Mega
*Radio Nova
*Radio Paitapiiska
*Radio Peili
*Radio Pooki
*Radio Pori
*Radio Ramona
*Radio Rex
*Radio Robin Hood
*Radio Rock
*Radio Salminen
*Radio Salminen (same name, different station)
*Radio SuomiPOP
*Radio 99
*Rogmo FM
*Sport FM
*Ålands Radio

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