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Modern Law Review

The Modern Law Review (print: ISSN 0026-7961, online: ISSN 1468-2230) is a law review published in the United Kingdom by John Wiley & Sons and which has traditionally maintained close academic ties with the Law Department of the London School of Economics.

The review is a general peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles relating to common law jurisdictions, and increasingly to the law of the European Union. In addition to publishing articles in all branches of the law, the review contains sections devoted to recent legislation and reports, to case analysis, and to review articles and book reviews. The current general editor is Hugh Collins (London School of Economics).


Charitable foundations

The "Modern Law Review Ltd." was established in 1937 as a charity devoted to the promotion of legal education, the study of law and all other arts and sciences which may be of interest to those involved in the study or practice of law. The Modern Law Review Ltd. promotes these objectives by the publication of the law review and also by the organisation of lectures, seminars, scholarships, and prizes that support legal education and scholarship.

Currently the Modern Law Review Ltd. offers up to £50,000 annually in financial support for outstanding research students engaged on doctoral research at a university in the United Kingdom on any subject broadly within the publishing interests of the review and further £30,000 annually to support scholarly seminars on any subject broadly within the publishing interests of the review. In addition, the review provides the funding to host the annual Chorley Lecture.

Chorley Lecture

The Chorley Lecture is an annual lecture inaugurated in 1972 and named in honour of Lord Chorley of Kendal, the founding editor of the Modern Law Review. The lecture, which is normally delivered in early June at the London School of Economics, is the most important occasion in the calendar of The Modern Law Review. A version of the lecture is subsequently published as the lead article in the January issue of the following year's volume.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 in the Shaw Library, LSE at 6.00 pm. Admission is free without a ticket and open to the public.

Year Lecturer Title
2010 Andrew Ashworth Ignorance of the Criminal Law, and Duties to Avoid it
2009 Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im The Compatibility Dialectic:Mediating the Legitimate Coexistence of Islamic Law and State Law
2008 Gunther Teubner Self-subversive Justice: Contingency or Transcendence Formula of Law?
2007 Lani Guinier Beyond Electocracy: Rethinking the Political Representative as Powerful Stranger
2006 Martti Koskenniemi The Fate of Public International Law: Between Technique and Politics
2005 Noelle Lenoir Biotechnology, Bioethics and Law: Europe's 21st Century Challenge
2004 Simon Roberts After Government? On Representing Law Without State
2003 Bob Hepple Race and Law in Fortress Europe
2002 Frank Michelman Constitutional Legitimation for Political Acts
2001 Carol Harlow Public Law and Popular Justice
2000 Jutta Limbach The Concept of the Supremacy of the Constitution
1999 Kader Asmal Truth, Reconciliation and Justice: The South African Experience in Perspective
1998 Lord Anthony Giddens Risk and Responsibility
1997 Antonio Cassese Reflections on International Criminal Justice
1996 C. A. E. Goodhart Economics and the Law: Too Much One-Way Traffic?
1995 Roberto Unger Legal Analysis as Institutional Imagination
1994 W.R.Cornish Authors in Law
1993 Lord Runciman An Outsider’s View of the Criminal Justice System
1992 Sir Neil MacCormick Beyond the Sovereign State
1991 Marc Galanter Law Abounding: Legislation around the North Atlantic
1990 Lord Wedderburn of Charlton The Social Charter in Britain – Labour Law and Labour Courts?
1989 Nicole Questiaux Bicentenary of a Declaration: A Time for Challenge?
1988 Dame Rosalyn Higgins Human Rights: Some Questions of Integrity
1987 L.C.B.Gower Big Bang and City Regulation
1986 Hein Kotz Taking Civil Codes Less Seriously
1985 R Abel The Decline of Professionalism
1984 PS Atiyah Common Law and Statute Law
1983 D Hay The Criminal Prosecution of England and its Historians
1982 JPWB McAuslan Administrative Law, Judicial Policy and Collective Consumption
1981 A Tunc A French Lawyer looks at British Company Law
1980 SM Cretney The Codification of Family Law
1979 GF Mancini Politics and the Judges: The European Perspective
1978 JAG Griffith The Political Constitution
1977 The Hon. Mr Justice Kerr Modern Trends in Commercial Law and Practice
1976 Lord Dahrendorf A Confusion of Powers: Politics and the Rule Law
1975 Lord Devlin Judges and Lawmakers
1974 S Simitis Workers’ Participation in the Enterprise – Transcending Company Law?
1973 Sir Otto Kahn-Freund The Uses and Abuses of Comparative Law
1972 HLA Hart Bentham and the Demystification of the Law

Wedderburn Prize

The Wedderburn Prize is named in honour of Lord Wedderburn of Charlton, who served as general editor of the review from 1971 to 1988. It is awarded annually for a contribution to that year's volume which in the opinion of the Editorial Committee is exemplary of the type of scholarship that the Modern Law Review aims to promote. In awarding this Prize, the Committee pays particular attention to the work of authors who are at a relatively early stage of their careers.

Past Winners

Year Winner Title
2009 Ruth Dukes Otto Kahn-Freund and Collective Laissez Faire: An Edifice Without a Keystone (72 MLR 220)
2008 Nico Krisch The Open Architecture of European Human Rights Law (71 MLR 183)
2007 Andrew T.F. Lang Reflecting on ‘Linkage’: Cognitive and Institutional Changes in The International Trading System (70 MLR 523)
2006 Peter Ramsay The Responsible Subject as Citizen: Criminal Law, Democracy and the Welfare State (69 MLR 29)
2005 David Kershaw Evading Enron: Taking Principles Too Seriously in Accounting Regulation (68 MLR 594)
2004 (Joint Winners)

Jonathan Morgan
Grace James and Anne Barlow

Tort, Insurance and Incoherence (67 MLR 384)

Regulating Marriage and Cohabitation in 21st Century Britain (67 MLR 143)

2003 Andrew Scott ‘A Monstrous and Unjustifiable Infringement'?: Political Expression and the Broadcasting Ban on Advocacy Advertising (66 MLR 224)
2002 Charles Manga Fombad The Protection of Freedom of Expression in the Public Service Media in Southern Africa: A Botswana Perspective (65 MLR 649)
2001 Kimberlee Weatherall Culture, Autonomy and Djulibinyamurr: Individual and Community in the Construction of Rights to Traditional Designs (64 MLR 215)
2000 Ian Roxan Assuring Real Freedom of Movement in EU Direct Taxation (63 MLR 831)
1999 Aileen McHarg Reconciling Human Rights in the Public Interest: Conceptual Problems and Doctrinal Uncertainty in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (62 MLR 671)
1998 Alan Story Compensation for Banned Handguns: Indemnifying "Old Property" (61 MLR 188)
1997 Damian Chalmers Judicial Preferences and the Community Legal Order (60 MLR 164)
1996 Helen Reece Losses of Chances in the Law (59 MLR 188)
1995 Jane Stapleton Tort, Insurance and Ideology (58 MLR 820)
1994 Alain Pottage The Measure of Land (57 MLR 361)
1993 John Flood and Andrew Caiger Lawyers and Arbitration: The Juridification of Construction Disputes (56 MLR 412)
1992 Lindsay Farmer "The Genius of our Law." Criminal Law and the Scottish Legal Tradition

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