Bias (disambiguation)

Bias (disambiguation)

Bias is an inclination towards something, or a predisposition, partiality, prejudice, preference, or predilection.

"Bias" may also refer to:

In science and statistics:
* Bias (statistics), the systematic distortion of a statistic
** A biased sample is one that is falsely taken to be typical of a population from which it is drawn
** Estimator bias describes an estimator whose expectation differs from the true value of the parameter being estimated
* Cultural bias, interpreting and judging phenomena in terms particular to one's own culture
* Cognitive bias, any of a wide range of observer effects identified in cognitive science
** Confirmation bias, the tendency to interpret information in a way that confirms preconceptions
** Perception bias, also known as cognitive perspective, the choice of a context or a reference
* Infrastructure bias, the influence of existing social or scientific infrastructure on scientific observations
* Notation bias, a form of cultural bias in which a notation induces the appearance of a nonexistent natural law
* Publication bias bias towards publication of certain experimental results.In electricity:
* Bias (electrical engineering), a systematic deviation of a value from a reference value.
* Current bias, a steady-state current that is forced through an electronic device.
* Grid bias of a vacuum tube is used to control the electron flow from the heated cathode to the positively charged anode.
* Tape bias (also AC bias) is a high-frequency signal (generally from 40 to 150 kHz) added to the audio signal recorded on an analog tape recorder.
* Voltage bias, a steady-state voltage inserted in series with an element of an electronic device.

In other areas:
* "Bias (book)", a book by journalist Bernard Goldberg
* bias (textile) of a woven fabric, the 45-degree diagonal line along which it is most stretchable
* bias (sport) of a ball, the irregularity in shape or weight which may cause it to move in an unexpected manner
* Bias (mythology), a brother of Melampus
* One of several communes in France named Bias such as:
** Bias, Landes in the Landes "département"
** Bias, Lot-et-Garonne in the Lot-et-Garonne "département"
* Bias (genus) is a genus of Wattle-eye bird.
*BIAS (Berkley Integrated Audio Software), a software company specializing in sound processing software such as Peak and SoundSoap

* Bias of Priene, one of the Seven Sages of Greece
* Len Bias, a basketball player.

* "Bias" might also designate the handedness of a person: left-handed or right-handed.

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