Public safety

Public safety

Public safety involves the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm, or damage, such as crimes or disasters (natural or man-made).

Core public safety services

Frontline protection is typically provided by core emergency service organizations such as:
* Police
* Fire
* Emergency medical services (EMS)

Additional services

Additional organizations and job titles involved in public safety may include:
* Consumer protection
* The emergency telephone number system
* Animal control officers
* Security officers
* Parking enforcement officers
* Police dispatchers
* Prosecutors
* Code enforcement officers
* Various utility inspectors
* Health inspectors


ee also

*By nation
** In Australia, Australian Institute of Public Safety
** In Canada, Public Safety Canada
** In France, Committee of Public Safety
** In Japan, National Public Safety Commission (Japan)
** In South Korea, National Police Commission (South Korea)
** In United Kingdom, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
** In United States, Department of Public Safety
* Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International
* Civil defense
* Coast guard
* Common Alerting Protocol
* Consumer Product Safety Commission
* Emergency management
* Emergency telephone number
* Food safety
* Guardian Angels
* Good safety practice
* National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
* Natural disaster
* Occupational safety and health
* Office of Emergency Management
* Personal protective equipment
* Public health
* Public safety network
* Public security
* Risk
* Road-traffic safety
* Safety engineering
* SafetyLit
* Search and rescue

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