Green Wall of China

Green Wall of China

The Green Wall of China, also known as the Green Great Wall or Great Green Wall ( _zh. 绿色长城), will be a series of human-planted forest strips in the People's Republic of China, designed to hold back the Gobi Desert. [ BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | China's Great Green Wall] ] It is planned to be completed around 2074, [ BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | China's Great Green Wall] ] at which point it is planned to be convert|2800|mi|km long.

Effects of the Gobi Desert

China has seen 3,600km2 (1,390 miles2) of grassland overtaken every year by the Gobi Desert. This loss of farmland has caused an estimated $50 billion in losses each year for China's economy. [ WorldChanging: The Fall of the Green Wall of China] retrieved March 19, 2007] Dust storms, which were once a rarity, are springing up all over China, and could cause even further damage to China's agriculture economy.


Land erosion and over-farming have halted planting in many areas of the project. China's booming pollution rate has also weakened the soil, causing it to be unusable. [ WorldChanging: The Fall of the Green Wall of China] retrieved March 19, 2007]

Corruption and lack of funds have also halted the plan. China's economy, unstable as it is, has yet to become stable enough to fund this operation.

Also, most of the trees planted in the green wall die off, due to drought. It is estimated that up to 75% of the trees die, hereby being one of the main reasons why the project is not introducing substantial change. If the percentage of money spend on the lost trees were to be used more efficiently (eg. by planting trees in other locations through the Flexible Mechanisms-system under the Kyoto protocol), much more environmental advantage could have been obtained.

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* Macro-engineering
* Desertification


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