Plasmodium pinotti

Plasmodium pinotti

"Plasmodium pinotti" is a parasite of the genus "Plasmodium" subgenus "Giovannolaia".

Like all "Plasmodium" species "P. pinotti" has both vertebrate and insect hosts. The vertebrate hosts for this parasite are birds.

color = khaki
name = "Plasmodium pinotti"
image_caption =

image_width =
regnum = Protista
phylum = Apicomplexa
classis = Aconoidasida
ordo = Haemosporida
familia = Plasmodiidae
genus = "Plasmodium"
species = "P. pinotti"
binomial = "Plasmodium pinotti"


The parasite was first described by Muniz and Soares in 1954. It was named after the Dr Mario Pinotti.

It is related to the following species

"Plasmodium asanum"
"Plasmodium circumflexum"
"Plasmodium durae"
"Plasmodium fallax "
"Plasmodium formosanum"
"Plasmodium gabaldoni"
"Plasmodium hegneri"
"Plasmodium lophrae"
"Plasmodium lophrae"
"Plasmodium pediocetti"
"Plasmodium polare"

Geographical occurrence

This species is found in Jamaica.

Clinical features and host pathology

Known hosts of this species include the Bananaquit ("Coereba flaveola") , "Euneornis campestris", "Loxipasser anoxanthus" and the Black-faced Grassquit ("Tiaris bicolor").


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