Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant
Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant from the main road between Nitra and Levice
Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant is located in Slovakia
Location of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant
Country Slovakia
Coordinates 48°15′50″N 18°27′25″E / 48.26389°N 18.45694°E / 48.26389; 18.45694Coordinates: 48°15′50″N 18°27′25″E / 48.26389°N 18.45694°E / 48.26389; 18.45694
Status Operational
Construction began October 1, 1983
Commission date October 29, 1998
Owner(s) Slovenské elektrárne a.s.
Operator(s) Electrostation Mochovce
Reactor information
Reactors operational 2 x 470 MW
Reactors under construction 2 x 440 MW
Power generation information
Annual generation 3,145 GW·h
Net generation 54,950 GW·h
As of 2010

The Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant (Slovak: Atómové elektrárne Mochovce, abbr. EMO) is a nuclear power plant located between the towns of Nitra and Levice, on the site of the former village of Mochovce. Two up-rated 470 MW (originally 440MW) reactors are presently in operation, with two further reactors of the same type under construction. Generating almost 6,000 GWh of electricity a year, the power plant currently serves approximately 20% of Slovakia's energy needs.[1]



A power plant consisting of four Soviet VVER 440/V-213 pressurized water reactors was proposed in the 1970s. The Czechoslovak government began with a geological survey to find a suitable seismically stable site. After taking into account all factors the location of the village of Mochovce was chosen. Preparatory work was started on June 1981, and site construction for Mochovce-1 and Mochovce-2 started in November 1982. The reactors in Mochovce use enriched uranium as their fuel.

Construction of the remaining two units, Mochovce-3 and Mochovce-4, began in 1985 but work on all four units was halted in 1991 due to a lack of funds. In 1995 the Slovak government approved a plan to finish the first pair with additional Western safety technology. The first two units were commissioned in 1998 and 1999 respectively. Commissioning of the plant has sparked protests in Austria, a neighboring country strongly opposed to the use of nuclear energy in general. Installed capacity of units 1 and 2 was up-rated by 7% in 2008. Construction of Units 3 and 4 restarted in November 2008 and is planned to be completed in 2012 and 2013.[2] Owner of the plant is Slovenské elektrárne, a nationally-owned company with a majority financial interest held by Enel, an Italian utility company. [3]


Although the original power plant design featured safety improvements such as seismically resistant attachment of equipment, it did not suit the safety and regulatory environment of the 1990s. To rectify this the German company Siemens supplied a new control system, and Western and EU safety measures were implemented during the final phases of construction. According to the plant operator Mochovce nuclear power plant was the first Soviet-sourced nuclear plant in Eastern Europe to meet the safety standards of Western nuclear power plants.[4]

Technical data

Station Reactor type Net capacity Commissioned Grid date Exp. shutdown
Mochovce 1 VVER 440/213 440 MWe 4 July 1998 29 October 1998 2028
Mochovce 2 VVER 440/213 440 MWe 20 December 1999 11 April 2000 2030
Mochovce 3 VVER 440/213 440 MWe under construction (2012) -
Mochovce 4 VVER 440/213 440 MWe under construction (2013) -


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