Connecting Link

Connecting Link
For transportation corridors, see Fixed Link, bridge, and tunnel.
A sign denoting the beginning of a Connecting Link. This particular sign is located on Highway 24 south of Cambridge.

The Connecting Link program is a provincial subsidy provided to municipalities to assist with road construction, maintenance and repairs in the Canadian province of Ontario. Roads which are designated as connecting links form the portions of provincial highways through built-up communities which are not owned by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Connecting links are governed by several regulations, including section 144, subsection 31.1 of the Highway Traffic Act and section 21 of the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act. While the road is under local control and can be modified to their needs, extensions and traffic signals require the approval of the MTO to be constructed.[1][2]

The Connecting Link program was established in 1927.[3] Today, 355.4 kilometres (220.8 mi) of roadway in 77 municipalities are maintained under the program. These links cross 70 bridges also maintained under the program.[4]

In return for that particular road being downloaded, the town or county receives money and assistance in maintaining it, and is able to still sign and list it as a provincial highway, though not all connecting links are signed as provincial highways. Some connecting links, however, were never provincial highways at all, but rather county or regional roads, or even local streets that the town or city has assistance in maintaining.

Most connecting links are busy municipal or county roads that were once provincial highways, and are designated by small yellow squares or diamonds with the text "C/L" or "CL" on them at their start and end termini. These are similar to, but not always related to 7000-series highways.

Current links

The following table lists the current connecting links in the province by highway.[5]

Highway Location Local street name(s) Southern/western terminus northern/eastern terminus Length
 Highway 3 Windsor Huron Church Road 6.35 km (3.95 mi)
Alymer Talbot Street 2.25 km (1.40 mi)
Delhi King Street
James Street
2.10 km (1.30 mi)
Simcoe Queensway West
Queensway East
4.00 km (2.49 mi)
Jarvis Talbot Street 1.65 km (1.03 mi)
Cayuga Talbot Road 1.25 km (0.78 mi)
Dunnville Broad Street
George Street
Main Street
4.65 km (2.89 mi)
 Highway 4 Lucan Biddulph Main Street 2.00 km (1.24 mi)
Exeter Main Street 3.15 km (1.96 mi)
Clinton Victoria Street 1.30 km (0.81 mi)
 Highway 6 Jarvis Main Street 2.30 km (1.43 mi)
Hagersville Main Street 1.60 km (0.99 mi)
Guelph Woolwich Street
Woodlawn Road
2.55 km (1.58 mi)
Fergus St. David Street
Tower Street
Bridge Street
3.00 km (1.86 mi)
Arthur 1.90 km (1.18 mi)
Mount Forest 2.65 km (1.65 mi)
Durham Garafraxa Street 2.25 km (1.40 mi)
Chatsworth Garafraxa Street 0.55 km (0.34 mi)
Owen Sound 9th Avenue East
10th Avenue West
3.85 km (2.39 mi)
Wiarton Berford Street 2.00 km (1.24 mi)
Little Current Highway 6 1.60 km (0.99 mi)
Espanola Centre Avenue 4.10 km (2.55 mi)
 Highway 7 Stratford Erie Street
Ontario Street
7.25 km (4.50 mi)
Guelph Woodlawn Road
Wellington Street
Windham Street
York Road
10.00 km (6.21 mi)
Acton Highway 7 2.80 km (1.74 mi)
Georgetown Highway 7 5.10 km (3.17 mi)
Omemee, Kawartha Lakes King Street 2.65 km (1.65 mi)
Havelock Highway 7 1.90 km (1.18 mi)
Marmora Matthew Street 1.3 km (0.81 mi)
 Highway 8 Goderich Toronto Street
Huron Road
Elgin Avenue
2.10 km (1.30 mi)
Clinton Huron Street
Ontario Street
2.10 km (1.30 mi)
Seaforth Goderich Street 1.45 km (0.90 mi)
Mitchell Ontario Road
Huron Road
2.90 km (1.80 mi)
Stratford Huron Street
Ontario Street
5.80 km (3.60 mi)
 Highway 9 Mildmay Elora Street 1.85 km (1.15 mi)
Clifford Elora Street 1.75 km (1.09 mi)
Harriston Elora Street 0.80 km (0.50 mi)
 Highway 10 Shelburne Highway 10
Owen Sound Street
Highway 10 / 89
Main Street
2.15 km (1.34 mi)
Flesherton Sydenham Street
Toronto Street
0.55 km (0.34 mi)
Markdale Toronto Street 1.45 km (0.90 mi)
 Highway 11 Kapuskasing Highway 11 6.80 km (4.23 mi)
Hearst Highway 11 1.75 km (1.09 mi)
Fort Frances Highway 11
Highway 11 / 71
8.90 km (5.53 mi)
Rainy River Highway 11 2.70 km (1.68 mi)
 Highway 15 Smiths Falls Highway 15 4.65 km (2.89 mi)
 Highway 17 Sturgeon Falls Highway 17 2.40 km (1.49 mi)
Blind River Highway 17 4.40 km (2.73 mi)
Sault Ste. Marie Highway 17 19.40 km (12.05 mi)
Dryden Highway 17 4.70 km (2.92 mi)
 Highway 19 Tillsonburg Broadway Street
Oxford Street
Simcoe Street
Vienna Street
5.45 km (3.39 mi)
 Highway 21 Forest Main Street
King Street
3.55 km (2.21 mi)
Grand Bend Ontario Street 3.00 km (1.86 mi)
Goderich Victoria Street
Bayfield Road
Brittania Road
2.55 km (1.58 mi)
Port Elgin Goderich Street 4.25 km (2.64 mi)
Southampton Albert Street
Railway Street
5.55 km (3.45 mi)
Owen Sound Highway 6 / 21
10th Avenue West
2.65 km (1.65 mi)
 Highway 23 Mitchell Blanshard Road
St. George Street
2.10 km (1.30 mi)
Listowel Main Street
Wallace Avenue
2.45 km (1.52 mi)
 Highway 24 Simcoe Norfolk Street 2.55 km (1.58 mi)
Brantford King George Road 2.30 km (1.43 mi)
 Highway 26 Owen Sound Highway 26
16th Street East
3.15 km (1.96 mi)
Meaford Sykes Street 3.45 km (2.14 mi)
Thornbury Arthur Street
King Street
2.40 km (1.49 mi)
Collingwood Lakeshore
Hume Street
Pretty River Parkway
11.10 km (6.90 mi)
Stayner King Street
Main Street
2.00 km (1.24 mi)
Barrie Bayfield Street 2.40 km (1.49 mi)


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