Willie Jackson (New Zealand)

Willie Jackson (New Zealand)

Willie Jackson is a New Zealand broadcaster and former politician. He was an Alliance MP from 1999 to 2002. [cite web
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Early life

Jackson was born in 1961, and grew up in Porirua and Auckland. He has worked in a number of jobs, including trade union organiser, record company executive, broadcaster, and talkback radio host.

Political life

In 1995, he joined the Mana Motuhake party, a Māori political organisation which formed part of the Alliance. In the 1996 elections, he stood unsuccessfully for Parliament. In the 1999 elections, however, he was elected as an Alliance list MP. In 2001, Jackson successfully challenged Sandra Lee-Vercoe for the leadership of Mana Motuhake.

When the Alliance began to collapse in 2002, Jackson sided with the faction led by Laila Harré and Matt McCarten, and remained with the party when Jim Anderton established his breakaway group. In the 2002 elections, Jackson was ranked second on the Alliance's party list, but the Alliance failed to win any seats.

Life after Politics

Shortly after the 2002 elections, Mana Motuhake left the Alliance and Jackson retired from politics. He currently works as a broadcaster and a political commentator. He has been vocal in his support for a new pan-Māori party, and supported Tariana Turia when she quit the Labour Party to found the new Māori Party.

* Jackson is now host of Eye to Eye, a weekly Television New Zealand political panel discussion series with emphasis on political issues facing Māori.

* Jackson is also co-host with former Labour MP John Tamihere of a talkback radio show on Radio Live each weekday afternoon.

* Jackson and Tamihere have also recently fronted a political show pertaining to wider New Zealand views on Māori issues called "The World According to Willie and JT" which is currently screening Monday nights on TV One.

* Jackson is also the acting CEO of UMA (Urban Maori Authorities).


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