List of characters in Everything or Nothing

List of characters in Everything or Nothing

A list of characters appearing in the James Bond video game

Recurring Characters

*James Bond - (likeness and voice of Pierce Brosnan)
*M - (likeness and voice of Judi Dench)
*Q - (likeness and voice of John Cleese)
*Jaws - (likeness of Richard Kiel)

Nikolai Diavolo - Willem Dafoe

The game's primary antagonist and an ex-KGB agent, mentored by Max Zorin. He wants revenge on Bond for Zorin's death. He plans on using an army of tanks made from platinum and nanobot loaded missiles to take over Russia, and then the world (the platinum is immune to the nanobots.) He nearly succeeds until Bond deactivates his missiles and nearly kills him when he destroys his aircraft. Diavolo sends his army of men to kill Bond and tries to launch one lone missile at London. He dies when Bond fires a rocket at the missile control tower he is in. The tower begins to collapse, but Diavolo manages to launch his missile before plunging down the silo and into the main chasm, where he is incinerated.

Katya Nadanova - Heidi Klum

An Oxford scientist, she is extremely knowledgeable about nano-technology, making her useful to her boyfriend, Diavolo. In the beginning of the game, a rogue Tajik general tries to kidnap her and steal the nanobots, but Bond rescued her. He does not know that she is in fact a traitor, aiding Diavolo in his conquest for world domination. Several times in the game she tries to kill Bond and his allies, and is shown to have a strong cruel streak. She dies when Bond blows up her and Diavolo's plane in a massive platform shaft, and forces it to crash, although Diavolo ejects just in time.

erena St. Germaine - Shannon Elizabeth

An American geologist whose expertise allows her to help Bond in Peru. She is an experienced helicopter pilot and a computer hacker. She nearly dies when Katya Nadanova throws her off a cliff in Peru when she and Bond are first acquainted. Bond catches up with her and saves her by shooting a rappel wire into a cliff and they descend slowly to the ground. She is a smart, strong and beautiful young woman and Bond finds her a dependable ally and a good friend. She aids Bond until his mission is finally complete in the climax at Moscow.

Mya Starling - Mya

A NSA agent and singer at a New Orleans nightclub called Kiss Kiss Club, this attractive woman helps Bond to investigate Diavolo's dealings with Yayakov. She is tied up and nearly incinerated in the graveyard before Bond saves her and then goes onto destroy Diavolo's factory. Bond then returns her home.

Miss Nagai - Misaki Ito

Miss Nagai is the assistant to Q and introduces most of the guns and gadgets to Bond in the game.

003 ("Jack")

One of Bond's fellow agents, who is also his friend. He travels to Peru to investigate Diavolo but is captured and killed by Diavolo before Bond can save him.

Arkady Yayakov

A Russian war criminal, Yayakov runs a club in New Orleans known as the Kiss Kiss Club and owns a mansion in the Louisiana bayou. He has a mechanical right hand, but it is not explained why he has one. When Bond destroys his lab, Yayakov is himself killed when he is crushed by a large metal sphere.

Jean Le Rouge

A New Orleans mobster who is told by his employer, Yayakov, to dispose of Mya Starling. He tries to get rid of Agent Starling in a crematorium until Bond arrives and saves her. He finishes Le Rouge with a bullet to the chest. He is a possible reference to Le Chiffre, both in name and appearance.


A rogue Tajiki general, who first appears in the mountains of Tajikistan where he attempts to trade a stolen suitcase nuclear bomb for cash. Bond, however, stops this by making the other side of the trade believe it is a trap and order the general's force to be killed. The general later appears in Egypt when he kidnaps Katya Nadanova and attempts to flee the scene through the Valley of the Kings with her newly created nanobots. Bond saves Nadonova and destroys the general, along with the nanobots.

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