List of Social Distortion band members

List of Social Distortion band members

For over 30 years, Social Distortion have had numerous lineup changes and frontman Mike Ness has been the only constant member.

Their last line-up change was in 2005 after auditions were held to play bass after John Maurer left the band.

The following is a list of the lineups in Social Distortion's history, including members that were present on an album, touring musicians and side projects.


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bar:Danell from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Danell from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Danell from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Danell from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Wickersham from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Wickersham from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Wickersham from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Wickersham from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Wickersham from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Wickersham from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Wickersham from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Wickersham from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Maag from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Maag from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Maag from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Maag from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Maag from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Maag from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Maag from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Maag from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Liles from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Liles from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Liles from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Liles from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Liles from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Liles from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Liles from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Liles from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Maurer from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Maurer from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Maurer from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Maurer from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Maurer from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Maurer from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Maurer from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Maurer from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Freeman from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Freeman from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Freeman from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Freeman from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Freeman from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Freeman from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Freeman from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Freeman from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Harding from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Harding from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Harding from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Harding from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Harding from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Harding from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Harding from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Harding from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Royer from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Royer from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Royer from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Royer from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Royer from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Royer from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Royer from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Royer from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Obrien from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Obrien from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Obrien from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Obrien from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Obrien from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Obrien from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Obrien from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Obrien from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Stubbs from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Stubbs from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Stubbs from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Stubbs from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Stubbs from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Stubbs from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Stubbs from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Stubbs from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Reece from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Reece from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Reece from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Reece from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Reece from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Reece from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Reece from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Reece from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Carr from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Carr from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Carr from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Carr from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Carr from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Carr from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Carr from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Carr from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Castronovo from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Castronovo from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Castronovo from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Castronovo from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Castronovo from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Castronovo from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Castronovo from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Castronovo from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Biscuits from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Biscuits from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Biscuits from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Biscuits from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Biscuits from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Biscuits from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Biscuits from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Biscuits from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Quintana from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Quintana from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Quintana from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Quintana from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Quintana from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Quintana from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Quintana from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Quintana from:2006 till:2008 $SA bar:Emory from:1982 till:1983 $MLM bar:Emory from:1987 till:1988 $PB bar:Emory from:1989 till:1990 $SD bar:Emory from:1991 till:1992 $SBHH bar:Emory from:1994 till:1996 $WLWHWT bar:Emory from:1998 till:1999 $LR bar:Emory from:2000 till:2004 $SLRR bar:Emory from:2006 till:2008 $SA

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Related bands

*The Adolescents - a post-Social Distortion band featuring the Agnew Brothers and Casey Royer.
*Agent Orange - Brent Liles' post-Social Distortion band.
*D.I. - Casey Royer and Rikk Agnew formed this band during an Adolescents hiatus.
*D.O.A. - Chuck Biscuits' band before he joined Danzig and Social Distortion.
*Danzig - Chuck Biscuits' band before he joined Social Distortion.
*The Lewd - Chris Reece's band before he joined Social Distortion.
*Operation Ivy - Matt Freeman's band before he joined Rancid.
*Rancid - Matt Freeman's band during joining Social Distortion.

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*Social Distortion
*Social Distortion discography

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